Software Developer


I am a young and enthusiastic person looking to work my way up within the ever-expanding Internet field. Throughout my career I have been known to be especially hard-working, and with a high attention to detail. In addition to this, I’ve developed my ability to multi-task to a high standard, as well as the desire to absorb new skills. I can also call on excellent punctuality and a flexible nature to base my career objectives from. My most recent positions have afforded me a great amount of experience with which to progress into the right career move. SKILLS ITINERARY These are the programs that I have used throughout my training to achieve the level of capability I have today, all exclusively on Windows XP and Vista. • Content management systems (IronSpeed, SiteFinity, ASPDotNetStorefront, Kentico, Activedition, bespoke software) • Local ASP.NET management (Visual Studio 2003 / 2005 / 2008) • Tasks and support management (Autotask, Axosoft On-Time) • Administration suites such as Microsoft Office (Word / Excel / Outlook) • Macromedia suites (Dreamweaver MX / 8, Fireworks 8) • Adobe suites (Photoshop 8 / CS / CS2 / CS3, ImageReady CS2) • Development servers (WAMP 5 / PHPTriad / Microsoft-based Intranet) • File upload systems (SSH scripts, FTP services, command-line programs) • SQL Administration (Query Browser / Query Analyzer / DTS Data Export) • Remote Administrator The languages I have learned to develop and have used and published in commercial forms are included: • HTML mark-up (4.01 Transitional) - client-based creatives • XHTML / CSS (1.0 Transitional and Strict) - preferred form of markup • SQL - gaining the correct users for an email distribution from a 1 million+ user-base, manipulation and maintenance of data • ASP.NET - creation of small content management systems, and modification of existing ones. Integration with XHTML to design .NET pages, and design of existing websites to re-vamp the UI • ASP Classic - legacy platforms with XSL / XSLT templates • JavaScript - developing existing examples of bespoke forms to create dynamic surveys to a user base, and creating specific additions to flesh out markup. Addition of SIFR to improve the aesthetics of a webpage • Coldfusion MX 7 - Full content management systems with permissions and news modules • SQL Server 2005 - Storing of user data and retrieval via Coldfusion and ASP.NET On as many browsers as possible to achieve maximum cross-browser efficiency: • Internet Explorer (4.01 / 5.01 / 5.55 / 6.0 / 7.0 / 8.0) • Mozilla Firefox (2.0 / 3) • Safari (emulated onto a PC) • Netscape / Opera / AOL (various versions)

Key Skills
  • Content management systems
  • Visual Studio 2003 / 2005 / 2008
  • Macromedia suites
  • Adobe suites
  • SQL Administration

Work Experience

Software Developer

DCSL Software 9 Years

This role created a great opportunity to get into ASP.NET server side development, as a trainee with my front-end abilities as a temporary focus. In this time, I gained a specific aptitude for slicing PSD / images into clean, standards-compliant XHTML, as well as creating a lot of new designs that I am particularly proud of. In this time, I improved greatly as a support developer, helping with a wide range of client-based issues for an even wider range of software and platforms. I worked with three main CMS platforms on this occasion, and grew in confidence at using them. Sitefinity was a particular favourite of mine, but our Shopframe package led me to working with many ASPDotNetStorefront installations (at varying stages of development) as well as the IronSpeed application development system which I reskinned on a couple of occasions - a brief opportunity to look into how it worked behind the scenes.

Front-end Developer

DVA 6 months

This role is of particular importance to my career goals. Given the opportunity to work for a small but bustling workplace, I was solely in charge of making the link between the designers' concepts and the senior developers' functionality. Using table-less styles with CSS, it was up to me to provide a clean mirroring of said designs, taking into account users' needs in terms of accessibility and usability. I worked with two main CMS software packages at this position, Kentico and Activedition. I was required on both occasions to adapt to the processes of these packages, such as the concept of slotting stylesheets directly into a database, and complicated template inheritance functions.

Junior Web Developer

Flint Media 12 months

The role involved the creation of ColdFusion websites and engaging content systems, whilst introducing a standards-compliant XHTML markup and a high quality of graphics design; establishing me as a well-rounded developer. In addition to this, I was required on various occasions to put my PHP skills to use to troubleshoot clients- issues. My ColdFusion knowledge had significantly improved, and on the last week of February, finished an empowering and dynamic content management system for a large international Christian trade directory. I had previously re-branded Flint Media-s hosting site (to date the second largest ColdFusion hosting company in the UK) and have enjoyed a large volume of positive feedback from users happy with my work. I am also a strong administration candidate; I ran (and designed the skin for) the now defunct support forums for Flint Media. My customer confidence is very high as well, as I have maintained a good quality of dialogue in tandem with my high standard of web development.

Configuration Engineer

Westcoast Limited12 months

Responsibilities include: • Upgrading a wide range of systems hardware to the clients- needs • Seamless integration with the warehouse, to ensure rapid turnover • Emergency assistance at the partner company, Direct IT • The use of a good working knowledge of server and PC systems • Careful auditing of returned goods due to damage or receipt


Rainbow Carpets1.5 Years

Responsibilities include: • Ensuring the fitters leave the showroom with the correct tools • Auditing using the companies- in-house log system • Assisting with the development of the sister company, Staples Investments • The use of a high quality of customer service • Office responsibilities, such as being left in charge of the showroom at various points, and taking fitting arrangements and credit card sales