Senior PHP Developer


• 9+ yrs hands-on experience in PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, AJAX, Web services and Drupal 7. • Strong technical ability to quickly adapt and work on diversified platforms/technologies like PHP, TCL/ADP, JSP/Java based on project demands. • Emphasis on clients business processes, operating environment and always deliver quality work in compliance to design and web standards. • Passionate about writing a 'responsive' and optimised code. • Involved in Performance tuning of highly trafficked websites. Well versed with Search engine friendly techniques. • Implemented and delivered projects in SCRUM methodology. Scrum Master to NOKIA Trials team projects. • Worked on various domains like New Media, Ecommerce, Social Media and Charity. Management Expertise • Expertise in Project, Team and Stakeholder Management. • Strong experience in Agile methodology and traditional SDLC processes of project development and delivery – requirements gathering, analyzing, documenting, architectural designing, developing, testing and deployment. • Multi-cultural experience gained working with cross functional teams across various geographical locations. TECHNICAL SKILLS PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, Advanced JavaScript(OOJS), AJAX, AJAX Proxy, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, JSON, SMARTY templating, Web Services, Drupal 7, FRAPI (RESTful API Framework) PM Tools: Scrum Works, Rally, Confluence, JIRA, BLT, Bugzilla Performance: Keynote systems, HTTPWatch, WebGrind, vCDN, Caching Mechanism, WebLog Expert Text Analysis tools: Attensity/FTAP(Free text analysis platform) Open Source Tools: OsCommerce, Smarty, JP Graphs RDBMS: MySQL, Oracle 8.0 Editors: Eclipse, Dream weaver, Editplus, Notepad++ Version Control: CVS, SVN Web Metrics: Omniture, Google Analytics Platforms: Windows, UNIX, Linux Servers: Apache

Key Skills
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • CSS
  • AJAX
  • Web services
  • Drupal 7
  • TCL/ADP, JSP/Java

Work Experience

Senior PHP Developer

YogoBogo12 months

Environment: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, XML, HTML, Google Maps, FRAPI Web services Description: YogoBogo is a location based mobile marketing app for promoting any business, place, organization, community or a store. It is a powerful platform for businesses to showcase their products, premises & services and the business owners/merchants to create and manage their own promotional data. The merchants can set up loyalty programs and customer rewards like offers, discounts, vouchers, or giveaways and send it to their customers mobile devices via the YogoBogo mobile app. Push notifications can also be sent, when customers walk past their stores using beacons to create real-time engagement and time sensitive offers. YogoBogo is also versatile to capture consumer analytics, to track customer activity, patterns, loyalty, track footfall, dwell time and measure business performance. QR code scanning for merchants to validate offers and use gamification to attract their customers.. Features: - Merchant Dashboard - to manage offers, rewards, reviews & ratings, acquisitions & multimedia files. - Mobile app for its android, Ipad and Iphone users. - Proximity marketing, location based notification using Beacons. - Push notifications to mobile apps to promote relevant offers to customers. - QR code scanner to verify customer profiles and validate their redemptions and rewards. - Consumer Analytics Reporting based on activities, patterns, redemptions, loyalty, footfalls and dwell time. - Multi-language capabilities. - An Admin CMS to manage all these features under one roof. Roles & Responsibilities: • On-going development, bug fixing in existing modules and UI enhancements. • Interacting with Client and Mobile development team. • Developing RESTful Web services using FRAPI framework for Yogobogo mobile App.

Senior PHP Developer


HYPERAMA WHOLESALE ( Client: Hyperama, UK Environment: Drupal 7, PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS Description: Hyperama Wholesale is about warehouse shopping in retail domain for independent cash and carry stores. The website was straight-forward and built on fast-paced using Drupal 7 CMS. Roles & Responsibilities: • Individual Contributor. • On-the-project learning and site building experience using Drupal 7 CMS. • Responsible for architecting, UI and backend developing, Code delivery and support for Hyperama wholesale. PATHPARTNER ( Client: Path Partner Environm ent: PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, CSS Description: PATHPARTNER is a product engineering and technology consulting firm for automotive, semiconductor, broadcast, healthcare, cameras and surveillance industries. The project was building a coorporate search engine friendly website with responsive UI. Roles & Responsibilities: • Individual Contributor. • End to end development and delivery of the site based on client requirements.

Senior PHP Developer

Adobe3 months

Highlights include "on-the-fly" learning Adobe CQ5 CMS, JMVC Framework, and other internal tools while delivering functional code on this fast-paced project. Environment: Object Oriented JavaScript, CSS, XML, HTML, JSON, JMVC framework, Adobe CQ5 CMS, JAVA, JSP Description: The 'My Adobe' project, nicknamed 'Cayenne' is about Adobe User Account and Asset management. It was a fast-paced, high-energy project hosted on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), the CQ5 CMS. I was involved in Front-end development and bug fixes through their User profile, User Plans & Adobe Products, User purchase & Order history, User Authentication via web services and multi-lingual capability pages. Roles & Responsibilities: • Front-end development for Adobe User Account and Asset Management Pages. • "On-the-fly" learning Adobe tools and required frameworks for fast paced user stories delivery and bug fixes. • Delivered quality code in compliance to brand, design and web standards.

Senior PHP Developer

NOKIA2 Years

Highlights include a dynamic role of managing Project, Team & Stakeholders besides being a lead and dependable developer. Learnt importance of Data storage, User Analytics, writing 'Responsive' UI and 'secure' web applications. NOKIA SERVICE TRIALS Client: NOKIA Environment: PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, AJAX Proxy, JSON, MySQL, HTML, CSS, REST Web Services, vCDN, ScrumWorks, SVN, BugZilla, etc Description: Trials Insight Manager served as a primary feedback evaluation tool for Nokia products & services before they actually got released to external market. It had a Management and Client interface where the Management UI created a prelaunch trial for a selected audience and collected the user feedback while the Client interface featured these trials on user phones, desktop variants and collected the 'First impressions' and in-depth user feedback. The Feedback module was further capacitated to collect data from external feeds, multiple Nokia data sources, apps apart from its own TIM Client interface hence resulting an efficient Reporting module depicting various User feedback, sentiments and patterns. Roles & Responsibilities: • Complete Design and Architecture of the whole application. • Scrum Master. • Developed key modules - Trial CRUD interface, Feedback, Reporting. • Solely developed responsive TIM feedback UI, compatible on all Nokia smart phones. • Complete involvement in Performance Tuning, Optimization and Security implementations of TIM. • Had been involved in an dynamic role of - acting Project Manager and Scrum Master while managing a team, interfacing with stakeholders and writing quality and secure code, incompliance to Nokia and Web standards. • Attended workshops at Berlin, Helsinki to collaborate and promote our tool with more Nokia product owners and stakeholders. SERVICE TRIALS – Attensity (Free Text Analysis Platform) and TIM Client: NOKIA Environment: Attensity, PHP, HTML, CSS, DHTML, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, REST Web Services Description: Data Analysis is core of any Nokia Products & Services. This project was about analyzing that immense feedback in form of text, feeds, emails, surveys and more. I have developed Data Analysis module extending TIM capabilities and Attensity tool for further feedback analysis and reporting like user sentiment, trends chart, auto-categorizing of feedbacks and patterns. Roles & Responsibilities: • An Individual Contributor. Worked on setting up Attensity for Nokia trials feedback analysis. • Architected and Developed analysis module using REST Web Services extending TIM capabilities and Attensity tool for generating useful reports for Product Owners on user sentiment analysis, trend charts and treading patterns. SERVICE TRIALS – 360 Service Feedback (Nokia Datawarehouse/NDW) and TIM Client: NOKIA Environment: TeraData, PHP, HTML, CSS, DHTML, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Apache Description: Few users allowed their activities to be monitored by Nokia and this data is stored in Nokia’s Dataware house. The main motive of this project analyzing this existing data and finding the users application usage patterns, in-app analytics, time durations, downloads, activities and many more - invite them to Nokia trials of their interests. Roles & Responsibilities: • An Individual Contributor. Learnt TeraData and interfacing with Nokia Datawarehouse. • Generated user application usage patterns of various trials in various scenarios using TeraData SQL’s. • Code to connect TIM to 360 Service Feedback tool. • Delivered weekly data analysis reports to stakeholders. SERVICE TRIALS – NPS (Net Promoter score) Client: NOKIA Environment: PHP, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, MySQL, HTML Description: NPS is a centralized widget service to capture user experience rating across various Nokia products & Services. Roles & Responsibilities: • Project Management. Helped the team to fix security vulnerabilities during Nokia Security & Performance Audits. • Performance tuning to support heavy traffic during feedback submissions.

Senior PHP Developer

AOL3 Years

Highlights include working on different platforms - TCL/ADP, JSP/Java, PHP. Learnt Morpheus CMS, AOL proprietary tool. Learnt AGILE development. Learnt about large-scale, high-trafficked web applications and process-oriented production deployments. UK PORTAL – Daily Finance ( Client: AOL US Environment: PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, HTML, CSS, Java, JSP, MySQL Description: This web2.0 project was emerged out of platform change decision made at AOL. The project was redevelopment of AOL Finance portal from Blogsmith platform to AOL’s Dynapub platform now. Roles & Responsibilities: • Involved in task analysis and Interaction with the US team throughout the development phase to ensure the requirements are met. • On-the-job learning of JSP to develop and deliver the assigned user stories. UK PORTAL – BAU (Business As Usual) Client: AOL UK Environment: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, TCL, ADP Description: This is a technically challenged project where we worked on various AOL channels hosted on different platforms and technologies. The work tasks are wide varying from module enhancements, maintenance, to bug fixes and delivered within a stipulated timeline. Roles & Responsibilities: • Involved in task analysis, Module enhancements, and bug fixes. • Supported the late night Production Deployments and bug fixes during production launches. UK PORTAL – Finance channel Client: AOL UK Environment: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, TCL, ADP Description: This project is a Finance Channel re-design and migration to using Morpheus CMS and building French, German and UK versions. The redesign also involved addition and development of few complex modules, new features, tools and enhancements. Roles & Responsibilities: • Apart from the Channel re-development, involved in the development of ‘Enhanced Widget Teaser Module’ as a part of Tools development. • Sole Implementer of TRRI (Tagging, Ratings and Reviews Infrastructure) service. • Supported the late night Production Deployments and quick bug fixes during the channel production launches. UK Portal – Autos channel ( Client: AOL UK Environment: PHP, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, AJAX, TCL, ADP Description: This project is a Motoring Channel re-design for French and German in addition to development of complex modules to the harmonised channel. It follows a Agile methodology. Roles & Responsibilities: • Interact with the UK team throughout the development phase to ensure the requirements are met. • Solely fixed major part of the bug scrub along Feeds module enhancements and development. • Wrote motoring channel MySQL queries for production deployment. And also revert sqls upon failure. • Supported the late night Production Deployments and quick bug fixes during the channel production launches. UK PORTAL – News Dynamite ( Client: AOL UK Environment: PHP, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, AJAX, Java, JSP Description: This project is a News Channel re-design. Worked on ‘Blog Collection’ module enhancement and learnt Morpheus CMS, an AOL proprietary tool. Roles & Responsibilities: • Involved in task analysis and development of Blog Collection module. • Learnt Morpheus CMS, an AOL proprietary tool for redesigning News channel pages. • Learnt TCL/ADP while bug fixes and module enhancements. • Supported the late night Production Deployments and quick bug fixes during the channel production launches.

Senior PHP Developer

Value Labs12 months

Highlights include developing HP SMB web pages with strict CSS-P and XHTML standards, compatible in various browsers and in compliance to HP and web standards. REFERRAL TRACKER Client: Value Labs Environment: PHP, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, AJAX Description: Referral tracker is an internal tool, developed to track ‘Employee Referrals’. It was an automated tool for both the Employee and HR department to track the referral job applications, hiring status and referral bonuses. Roles & Responsibilities: • Involved in Project and Team Management. • Application and Database designing for application. RESOURCE INTERACTIVE ( Client: Hewlett Packard (HP USA) Environment: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CGI, PERL, XML Description: Resource Interactive was responsible for maintenance and development of 'Small and Medium Business enterprises' portal of HP. HP has particularly strict design and quality standards of all its websites. The delivered code for any module enhancements or bug fixes go through a unique set of tools and processes to validate the strict CSS-P and XHTML standards, compatible in various browsers and in compliance to HP and web standards. Roles & Responsibilities: • Interact with the client to gather requirements. • Writing code in compliance to strict CSS-P and XHTML standards, compatible in various browsers. • Managing four members in the team. Planning, scheduling and allocation of tasks to team members. • SMB Weekly Release Timeline reporting to client and Sr. Management. • Implementation of Quality procedures to meet the HP design standards.

Senior PHP Developer

Navayuga Infotech2 Years

Highlights include writing PHP and Flash communication scripts for VR2020. Complex PHP scripts for dynamic HTML site building for Voyager Antique Maps. VIVID ORANGE ( and Client: Vivid Orange Ltd, UK Environment: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, Protx Payment gateway, CMS, JP graphs, HTMLDOC Description: Vivid Orange Limited (VO) is a UK based company specializing in custom solutions to manage donations to charitable organizations from the general public and large corporations, including Fortune 500 companies. The company wanted to create a web portal, to allow charities to present information about their cause, needs and volunteer opportunities to corporate employees. The site needed a sophisticated CMS and customization capabilities to allow VO’s clients to tailor portals to accommodate their individual requirements using simple administration functions. Roles & Responsibilities: • Worked on fundraising, Smart Grant, HEMS micro site and other support tickets for the clients. • Implementation of Quality procedures in the project in compliance with CMM level 4. VR2020 TOURS ( Client: City Tours International, UK Environment: PHP, Macromedia Flash, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, XML, HTML, Google Maps Description: An “Interactive Virtual Tour” solution that allows to build and manage dynamic, map based interactive virtual tours of selected cities/Custom tours under different Categories and hotspots. The project required a custom CMS platform for its Admin, Licensee and User Modules. While the Admin module powers the Licensee, Licensee tours, Tour permissions and Hotspot management. The Licensee does the micro-management of their own virtual tours by adding required hotspots and the tour information along the options to add panoramic or still photographs, 360 degree QuickTime (QTVR) movies or videos, necessary files and other social information. The User module is basically the tour data enriched as a front-end virtual tour with CSS, Flash, JavaScript and PHP-Flash communication scripts. Roles & Responsibilities: • Interacting with the Client to gather requirements • Licensee Module development and Database designing of the project. • Writing PHP and Flash communication scripts • Planning, scheduling and allocation of tasks to team members and Weekly reporting to client and Sr. Management VOYAGER ANTIQUE MAPS ( Client: Voyager Antique Maps, UK Environment: PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript Descriptio Antique Voyager Maps application is build for Stock & Inventory Management of Antique Maps. The main client requirement was for the entire website to be a static HTML site. A custom CMS was built add products, categories, relevant stock inventory and PHP scripts were written to dynamically build Menus, Categories, Product pages with respect to their template designs, completely in HTML and in compliance SEO and web standards. Roles & Responsibilities: • Individual Contributor. Responsible for database design and development for entire site. • Interact with the client to gather requirements. • Developed complex PHP scripts for dynamic site building in compliance to SEO and web standards. ANY COUPONS ( Client: 77BLUE, USA Environment: PHP, MySQL, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Linux, Apache, GD library, JP Graphs Description: AnyCoupons is a coupons and promotions website by 77BLUE, a popular online shopping company in US. The project required a CMS to manage the site content, manage various coupons, deals, Top Listings, coupon promotion of numerous merchants. The user interface has a personalised Shopping Wallet for User to save coupons, shop coupons, deals from their favourite or other merchants, get notified on expiring coupons. Roles & Responsibilities: • Developed Shopping wallet module in the User Interface. • Development of Reporting module. Dynamic data analysis reports were done using GD, JPGraph libraries. CLARES SHOPPING CART Client: Clares Office Supplies Ltd, UK Environment: PHP using OsCommerce, MySQL, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, Linux Description: Clares Office Supplies is a shopping cart application which has various products, accessories, softwares and services related to office uses. Roles & Responsibilities: • Interact with the senior management to gather requirements • Database design and development of admin, user modules using PHP using OsCommerce. MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Client: Navayuga Infotech Pvt. Ltd., India Environment: PHP, SMARTY template engine, MySQL, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Linux, GD library, JP Graphs Description: Maintenance Management System, a product developed to serve the problems, needs and maintain the online interaction among the apartment residents. Roles & Responsibilities: • Involved in Project and Team Management activities. • Database design and development of Request Management module.