Senior Web Developer


Backend Development PHP Frameworks: Zend Framework 1 & 2, Bone MVC, Symfony 1&2, PPI, Codeigniter, Laravel Software testing: TDD & BDD (PHPUnit, Codeception, Behat), Travis CI, Scrutinizer Templating engines: PHP, Smarty, Twig Database libraries: MySQL Extension, PDO, Doctrine DBAL, Doctrine ORM, ZendDB Web projects: Wordpress, Pimcore, Magento, Drupal API Experience: REST, RPC, OAuth2, Apigility, Paypal, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, and more PDF Generation: ZendPDF, wkhtml2pdf Misc: Composer, Packagist, PSR compliance, Vagrant, PuPHPet Frontend Development Scripting languages: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, LESS, SASS Javascript libraries: jQuery, jQuery UI, Twitter Bootstrap, Node, Gulp, Bower Graphing and maps: Google Maps, Google Charts, Highchart JS Graphic Design: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, QuarkXPress Server-side Technologies Source control: Git, Github, Subversion, Perforce Operating Systems: Linux: Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat Web servers: Apache, NginX, Apache Tomcat, Caching Engines: Varnish, APC, memcached Other Skills • Agile Development (Scrum, JIRA, YouTrack) • Bitcoin • Python • Swift iOS

Key Skills
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Server-side Technologies
  • PHP FrameworksPHP Frameworks
  • Software testing
  • Scripting languages
  • JavaScript libraries
  • Graphic Design

Work Experience


McLean Digital Limited2 Years

Providing custom solutions for business and support with existing legacy applications. Recent contracts include Dragoonis Technologies (several projects creating custom API's), Advice Infrastructure (new features for a custom CMS built with Symfony Framework), Tech Mahindra & Orange Belgium (refactoring legacy codebase).

Web Developer

Occa Design Limited2 months

5 weeks assisting the development team in finishing their Magento online shop in time for their launch deadline.

Web Developer

Integrated Environmental Solutions6 months

6 month contract building a system funded by the Department of Energy & Climate Change, to help medium to large enterprises comply with new government regulations which came into effect in December. Customers can log in and add energy usage data for all buildings, transport and industrial processes. Once added, an assessor can log in, check the data, and from that a compliant report can be generated. It also recommends ways in which energy costs can be lowered.

Lead Web Developer

1-2-Let / All Agents1.5 Years

Developing new sites and maintaining old, using Apache, PHP, MySQL, Zend Framework, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop & Illustrator, I helped increase productivity, lower costs, and delivered a higher quality of work than was previously possible through introducing best practices to the workplace such as bug reporting, backup strategies, version control, and more recently unit tests, and agile development. I also had full responsibilities over the dedicated web servers, development, testing, staging, and production.


PlayerReg Ltd 3 Years

PlayerReg is an online paperless player registration system for professional and amateur sporting leagues. Written using HTML5, CSS3, PHP5, JSON, XML, MySQL, SSL, Zend Framework, & jQuery, it’s main function is to facilitate easy and secure league management and to eliminate cheating. The system has been adopted by the biggest amateur cricket leagues in both Scotland and England, with more set to follow, and recently now including Rugby League.

Self Employed trading

Gifted Graphics8 Years

Web development using HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, MySQL, JSP, PHP, JavaScript, Apache Server, Apache Jakarta Tomcat, and PayPal e-commerce. Graphic Design and Printing, PC workstation and server repair and upgrade callout service. Network administration

IT Manager

Trophy Centre 4 Years

• Web site design and administration • Graphic design for merchandising • Office PC systems and network support • IT equipment purchasing • Network infrastructure upgrades