Devops architect


I am a competent Linux systems professional with over a decade of experience architecting production HA systems, always working above and beyond to achieve technical purity and superiority while using industry standards and reusable, proven tooling. I understand both sides of the security coin, both testing a system for its potential weaknesses and monitoring it for all eventualities. I have always believed and practiced automation for the benefits it provides in reliability, security and scalability. From well-written perl scripts in the 90s; to using: puppet, git, r10k, containers, ansible and other current devops tooling; I strive to provide good value to operations and development teams by building IaS and PaS CD (continuous delivery) pipelines which produce excellent software products. Skill Summary: Git, jenkins, jira, puppet, ruby, ansible, salt, openstack, mcollective, hiera, r10k, docker, LXC, kvm, etcd, systemd, fleet, coreos, perl, python, bash, AWS, ec2, IAM, S3, glacier, psad, munin, snort, ossec, varnish, logwatch, chkrootkit, rpmbuild, augeas, rsyslog, log and data aggregation, jailkit, Vmware, tftp, sftp, kvm virtualization, IP Networking, OSI framework, linux, mysql, unix, testing, rspec, foodcritic, serverspec, junit, cucumber, Selinux, kickstart, wireshark, VOIP, Cisco IOS, jUnitdevice bridging, Juniper routers, IDS (snort), ethereal, tftp, oxygen, ngrep, ettercap, Cain and Able, metasploit, iptables, Vmware, Postgresql, yum, Active Directory, foremost, DFF, Autopsy, pxeboot, Matrix Linux, omreport, Dell DRAC, netcat, LDAP, Radius, John the Ripper, Nikto, PKI, Redhat/CentOS, Hping, w3af, AIX, Observium, Squid, ASF, CSF, Debian, Linux bonding kernel module, RHEL, Ubuntu, OpenLDAP, Scapy, Apache, Netstumbler, Skipfish, Samba, chef, shell (bash), Perl, Java, Jboss, expert in network administration tools (netstat, ps, ifconfig, top, lsof, arp, dig, nstat, rtacct, nslookup, host, traceroute-nanog, nmap, portscan, dd, ipfw, gdb, tcpdump, grep), SC cleared clearance.

Key Skills
  • Linux
  • Git
  • jenkins
  • jira
  • puppet
  • ruby
  • ansible
  • salt
  • python
  • bash

Work Experience

Lead Onsite devops architect

Devops Dudes12 months

• Designed and architected devops solutions for both large national clients and small tech startups

Lead Onsite devops architect and operations/security engineer

LayerV3 months

• Designed and architected a CI solution for LendInvest, including a DLD and diagrams of solution • Implemented the solution in AWS using Jenkins, Ansible, CloudFormation and Aptly

Lead engineer: operations, security and devops, EMEA

Thermeon6 months

• Responsible for the hands-on and delegated tasks of security and automation of all aspects of EMA operations • Produced (using CD) a containerized Go microservice to replace a key part of a legacy COBOL application • Wrote well designed ruby, puppet, bash and python scripts and modules for scripting processes • Managed a complex heterogeneous mixture of modern and very legacy environments using puppet and Hiera • Developed new services for the company using modern container technology including Docker and Kubernetes.

Senior Devsecops Engineer

Cambridge University Press12 months

• Team lead, responsible for a new CD project in AWS using puppet, Jira, Bamboo, rspec, jUnit, r10k, ansible and Hiera • Orchestrated AWS deployment and dynamic environments using ansible and AWS CloudFormation, 2-step auth • Designed for security, modularity, code reuse, extensibility, auto-scalability and built-in monitoring • Worked closely with agile dev teams: Java backen with nodeJS frontend, RESTful interface

Senior Devsecops Engineer

Net-A-Porter6 months

• Improved a common CI environment agile dev. Using puppet, Hiera, rspec, Jenkins, Foreman and Maven. • Worked directly with an agile dev team to support automating a robotic warehouse to interface directly with the ecommerence platform. Using perl, git, jenkins, and the CI pipeline. • Worked with and extended the internal infrastructure PaaS with ruby, Foreman and Openstack.

Senior Devops Engineer

British Gas Connected Homes5 months

• Wrote chef cookbooks and recipies, puppet manifests, hiera, modules, types and providers • Responded to security incidents affecting IoT and customer data, designed and implemented security policy • Wrote an lxc-based CI pipeline for jenkins testing: foodcritic, rspec, junit, cucumber, serverspec • Deployed and supported a java backend and nodejs frontend application stack to AWS

Senior Perl Developer

University of Cambridge12 months

• Architected, engineered and wrote a bespoke application for a backend user database and auth mechanism • Wrote a bespoke object-oriented perl Module. Utilized OO DBIx::Class and Net::LDAP