Senior Web Developer


I am a developer with ten year's experience in web development. I have extensive experience in designing and developing front end and back end systems in PHP and Javascript, as well as server administration. Notable Languages and Frameworks Experience PHP (10 years+) Symfony 2, Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Wordpress (10 years +) Twig / HTML / CSS (10 years+) Jquery, knockout.js, Javascript, AJAX (10 years+) MySQL, MongoDB (10 years+) Node.js (1 year+) Java (incidental) Elasticsearch (One Project) Server Administration Experience Windows/IIS (7 years, incidental) Ubuntu Linux/Apache (5 years +, incidental Jenkins Miscellaneous Experience Git, Mercurial, Subversion PHPUnit, XDebug TDD, Agile RabbitMQ Developing and deploying in both a Windows, Mint and Ubuntu Linux Environments, as well as adapting sites developed in one environment to work in the other

Key Skills
  • PHP
  • Symfony 2
  • Laravel
  • CakePHP
  • CodeIgniter
  • Wordpress
  • Twig
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Jquery

Work Experience

Senior Web Developer

Provision Tracker12 months

Project: Provision Tracker Used by schools to track how effectively government grants have been spent. I implemented new development processes for the team, including code reviews, unit testing, and automated integration. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Jenkins Project: Portal Used by Sales to track the 'customer journey' between the first meeting with the potential client, through to their paying for the software. I designed and implemented this software, communicating with the various stakeholders to find the best balance of functionality to development time. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Laravel

Senior Web Developer

Amris 12 months

Project: Amris API Created a centralised RESTful API for the company to ensure the calls to third party web services were handled in a centralised location. Also handled authentication. Design based on Apigility. Technologies: PHP, Laravel, REST APIs, HTTP, Curl, SOAP

Senior Web Developer

Datix1.5 Years

Project: Datix Web Used by Hospitals to help manage and keep track of the treatment of their patients. Includes the tracking of of medicine given to patients, incident reporting, claims management and complaints handling. I was involved in adding functionality and refactoring the codebase. Technologies: PHP, Jquery, Knockout.js MSSQL, CSS, HTML Project: Reporting system This system produced reports efficiently from an extremely large database. Users could generate reports in CSV, XLSX, HTML or PDF formats. They could select different data to display, and the data was displayed using graphs and/or text. It was written for architecture that interacted with multiple servers, and was flexible enough to accommodate more as demands on the server grew. Technologies: PHP, JQuery, Mysql, CSS, HTML

Senior Web Developer

Bridgeman Art Library 12 months

Project: Client Reporting Dashboard A centralised reporting area in the website for the artists that we represent to see useful statistics. Data included: * Google Analytics data on user interest in their products. * Billing data from Sage Technologies: Symfony, OAuth, REST APIs Project: Website and Intranet An E-commerce website with bespoke functionality for the image licensing industry. Accompanied by an intranet for for the customer services department to manage clients, suppliers and accounts. Technologies: Symfony, JQuery, Mysql, CSS, HTML Project: Image Matcher Users take a photo of a piece of art with their phone. A 'fingerprint' of the image is computed and sent to a central server which matches it against the fingerprints of various paintings. Matching images are presented to the user. Technologies: Android, Java Project: Bridgeman Blogging system. Upgraded their existing CMS from a bespoke system to Wordpress, while presenting Wordpress content through a Symfony site. This project allowed artists to blog about their work on the Bridgeman site in an easy and familiar way. It involved integrated Wordpress into an existing Symfony site. Achieved the best of both worlds: the scalability of Symfony, with the ease of use and functionality of Wordpress. Technologies: Wordpress, Symfony, JQuery, MySQL, CSS, HTML


Powwownow12 months

Project: Email Automated RFM Management System The system managed what type of email was sent to clients depending on how often they used the service, the last time they used the service, and how much money they made the company. Technologies: Node.js, MySQL REST APIs Project: Customer Services Management A centralised intranet location for the customer services department to manage services for our clients. Technologies: Code Igniter, JQuery, Mysql, CSS, HTML

Web Developer

ITRM6 Years

Eiger FX Direct Project Brief The client required a website site that displayed exchange rate information that was constantly being updated. The information had to be updated in real-time, and personalisable by users Technologies Used Node.js, CakePHP, MySQL, JQuery, HTML CSS Notable functionality A server running Node.js receiving real-time updates to exchange rates. Socket.IO.js libraries used to allow exchange rate information to be passed to clients in real-time Ability of user to choose which exchange rate information to be displayed in a quote panel. Bespoke content management system. Access management and authentication 2. Africa Express Line ( Project Brief To build a website for the client that displayed information about the company, its shipping routes, and available shipping vessels. Technologies Used PHP, MySQL, Drupal, JQuery