Senior .Net Developer


An experienced IT professional with an extensive background in software engineering and windows application development. Strengths include software development, software design and architecture, test execution, requirements elicitation and capture. A problem solver experienced in working on multi-million pound projects with strict QA control and working with stakeholders from all over the business. Software Development • Developed ETL package for Management Information extraction for data warehouse. • Designed complex SQL to combine heterogeneous data into linked tree structures. • Used 3rd party proprietary software to design forms for use on the web. • Developed software to process requests for software updates over the air. • Developed software to validate and transform client data to be processed into a back-end system. • Developed software to manually process file based data through web services for bulk processing. • Developed a new Web Service for processing on-boarding data using Web API 2. • Developed a new Web Service for taking hashed data, signing it against approved certificates and returning the resulting certificates and secure hashed data. • Applied bug fixes and feature enhancements to medical application and its mid-tier service. • Developed plot and track extraction embedded software on multi-million-pound upgrade project. • Developed radar recording and playback software for desktop client. • Developed UAV ground controller system for navigation and imaging. • Developed order taking system, windows desktop application. • Developed order processing system, consisting of web server and client web applications. • Developed Direct Labour applications. • Developed web application for expense management. Software Design • Designed software to process requests for software updates over the air. • Designed software to validate and transform client data to be processed into a back-end system. • Designed software to manually process file based data through web services for bulk processing. • Designed a Web API 2 service for enrolling the data for new clients and operators. • Designed a Web API 2 service for taking hashed signed code deltas and authorising the changes against a Root CA. • Designed radar data recording and playback system for Royal Navy, bringing in £150k. • Designed test bed for plot and track extraction software to reduce on average 2 man hours/day of manual testing effort. • Designed UAV ground controller interface on cutting edge proof of concept project. • Designed order taking software for a call centre taking 2000+ calls daily, saving on average 50 man hours/week in unnecessary manual processing. • Designed order processing system to pipe orders from multiple channels to order fulfilment centres, saving on average 40 man hours/week of manual order transfer effort. • Designed survey module for clients to provide feedback, enhancing user experience as well as improving feedback controls. • Designed error handling system for web application to alert support of issues immediately. Requirements Gathering • Liaised with Royal Navy for new software, generating all software and system requirements. • Liaised with Royal Navy to refine complex requirements and design for bespoke radar system on £300k upgrade project. • Coordinated with business stakeholders to generate requirements for ordering system replacement. • Generated requirements for new order processing system. • Repeatedly generated requirements with multiple clients for bespoke back office integrations. • Oversee requirements elicitation and management for expense management system. Management • Responsible for software and hardware engineers for radar training establishment project. • Responsible for small team of software engineers working on UAV ground station software. • Managing a team of web developers for expense management web application.

Key Skills
  • C#
  • Winforms
  • Web Forms
  • T-SQL
  • TDD
  • Web API
  • WPF
  • NUnit
  • WCF
  • JSON

Work Experience

Software Development Consultant

ViennaBelle Limited1.5 Years

Update: Project and contract extended on a short term basis. Called back by a former client for a short project to update existing functionality on previous software I wrote, as well as add new features. Working to an extremely tight deadline due to client constraints. The technologies and processes used are: • C# • .Net 4.5 • Web API 2. • SOAP Web Services. • Active Directory • GIT • Agile • SCRUM • TDD

Systems Developer

Capita IT3 months

Multi-skill position requiring knowledge of a wide variety of systems, including but not limited to SQL Server, Integration Services, ETL package design, user experience on the web, web form design, Web Services. Working directly with Southampton City Council, our team is responsible for their digital transformation project, exporting their manual processes to web based forms and processes to automate areas of their work. The forms are also used for general citizens to perform a multitude of actions such as applying for parking permits, marriage certificates, birth certificates and much more. The technologies and processes used are: • SQL • Integration Services • SOAP Web Services • Firmstep Form and Process Designer (3rd party proprietary) • Agile • SCRUM • TDD

Software Development Consultant

ViennaBelle Limited2 months

Be responsible for advising on and implementing the software solutions required for bespoke system designs. Software solutions for high profile, international customers include Software Over The Air web services, high volume data processing services and Windows Client applications to perform data transformation for pre-existing client data. The technologies and processes used are: • C# • .Net 4.5 • Web API 2. • SOAP Web Services. • Active Directory • GIT • Agile • SCRUM • TDD

Senior .Net Developer

Knight Trading UK Ltd2 months

Design and develop two web services according to a pre-defined set of requirements and APIs. Both services required for client testing within a very aggressive timescale. The web services must make use of multiple external RESTful APIs as well as provide transactional processing of the data from the client’s perspective. The technologies and processes used are: • C# • .Net 4.5 • Web API 2. • RESTful web services – both written and consumed. • SOAP Web Services. • Active Directory • SolarWinds REST API • GIT • Agile • SCRUM • TDD

.Net Developer

Capita Healthcare Decisions7 months

Developing as part of a team to implement changes to an existing Windows application. The principal focus of my work has been to apply changes and upgrades requested by the client to a set of existing Windows applications. As part of these duties I am responsible for testing the changes and producing a build using TFS to then supply to the testing team for full testing. We operate using an Agile process in 4 week sprints and implement daily stand-ups to ensure full transparency. The technologies and processes I have used are: • Development using C#, .Net 4.5, WPF, WinForms. • Windows client application development. • N-Tier Windows Services. • Entity Framework. • T-SQL. • SQL Server 2014. • Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012. • TFS and Visual Studio Online. • Agile methodology using SCRUM. • TDD

Software Development Manager

Azzurri Communications Ltd12 months

Responsible for the development team that code and support the expense management web portal. The primary focus of the role was to manage the support and on-going development of this web application using agile methodologies, specifically TDD, as well as provide new development opportunities for the product. Duties include, but not limited to: • Provide road maps for projects. • Hands-on developing using C#, .Net, WPF, MVC5, html, CSS and JavaScript. • Liaise with other departments. • Stakeholder management and business application authority. • Provide creative and clear guidance in defining product development solutions. • Manage development, release cycles, sprints and Scrums. • Manage processes. • Work with current specifications to implement desired functionality. • Create and implement specifications for additional functionality. • Manage the on-going development of the Telecom Expense Management system • Promote agile engineering practices such as Pair programming, Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration • Promote development to a high standard and to schedule. • Promote and maintain a high quality of work. • Monitor, maintain and be responsible for documentation and its upkeep. • Provide training to end-users when required.

Implementation Consultant

1st Touch Ltd1.5 Years

Implementation Consultant involved in providing consultation for and implementation of bespoke mobile workforce solutions. Reporting to a dedicated Project Manager but engaging clients directly and maintaining the relationship with them. During the project lifecycle duties include eliciting requirements, providing detailed time estimates for the project plan, designing and implementing the desired functionality and finally guiding the client through the final UAT and release phases. During the final phases responsibilities include visiting the client to take them through their User Acceptance Testing to ensure the product meets their requirements. After this has been completed a detailed user training session is held before finally attending the client site to provide support on their go-live date. Once a client has gone live, 3rd Line Support is provided by the consultant during the first month, after which point our support services take over.

IT Solutions Developer

Liz Earle Beauty Co Ltd5.5 Years

On a day to day basis, produce and develop enterprise level solutions to support business strategy. Responsible for identification and engagement of stakeholders regarding IT enabled strategies. Importance placed on getting stakeholders involved up front to ensure a successful project. Duties include gathering requirements, designing, developing and testing the application as well as any database components. Other key duties include User Acceptance testing and finally working with the operations team to deploy the application, therefore giving a full experience in the SDLC. Working on many different solutions, both server and client side. Experiences include writing web and Windows services in C# to process large amounts of complex data and which were business critical systems, writing front end client applications in C# to be used by customer service teams in a high volume call centre. One project in particular required the support and develop a legacy application using MS Access and VBA, whilst simultaneously porting the application to a new C# system. This was achieved by writing the existing business logic code into C# libraries which were then wrapped in a COM module that could plug into the original MS Access application. Once this process was complete a C# Multi Document Interface (MDI) was created and all the C# libraries were then imported, thus preserving the functionality that had made the business millions of pounds over the years, whilst updating the technology being used.

Senior Engineer

BAE Systems Integrated Technologies8 Years

My work at BAE gave me many responsibilities. I regularly engaged with senior management for presentations and project updates as well as working closely with engineers from other disciplines. In addition to this, I was involved in liaising with 3rd parties, such as the MoD, for requirements elicitation, detailed design meetings and systems integration. After I had produced the documentation required at each stage I was then deeply involved in the implementation, working on many different platforms, from embedded to Windows desktop applications using a variety of languages such as Ada, C, C++ and C#. Once development had been completed it was a senior engineer’s responsibility to take the product through formal Acceptance Testing with the QA department. I was also fortunate enough to be involved with the integration process several times, thus giving me thorough experience in the full Software Development Life Cycle. During my time at BAE I worked on many projects including: • Naval Radar • Radar data analysis • Cross-Domain Security Solutions • UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) ground controller for mission planning and execution, target identification and sortie replay.