SAP Test Process Specialist Expert Consultant


I am a highly experienced and versatile SAP Test Consultant, with considerable experience of working on both supplier and customer sides. I have actively participated at System Test, SIT, UAT, Data Migration, Pilot, Automation, Regression and Implementations; I have excellent stakeholder management, reporting and communication skills. I am experienced in Waterfall and Agile methodologies, applied pragmatically. I am a specialist in writing the Test Approach, Test Plan, Resources Plan, Schedules, Entry and Exit criteria reports, Test Scripts, Business Scenarios, Test Scoping, Planning building, Integrated Scenarios, Matrix Risk Definition, Knowledge Transfer and Handover documents with high quality and meeting due dates. I am comfortable in new teams, managing and integrate to existing teams, with both specialist and business, and mixes of permanent and contract resource, both onshore and offshore.

Key Skills
  • HP QC (ALM) v11 and v12
  • QuickTest Professional (QTP) v11
  • Unified Functional Testing (UFT)
  • Advance Microsoft Office
  • Risk Based Testing methodology
  • ASAP
  • AGILE / Waterfall / RDS

Work Experience

SAP TM Test Manager

Experior Group Ltd8 months

Implement the Risk Test Based (RBT) methodology in the SAP TM area. Build and control the test approach, plan, schedule, effort, resources and scope priorities. Workshops delivery. Defect management control. Testing best practices teams influence. HPQC setup, training and structure definition. Scope sign-off and Stakeholders management. Building and Execution coordination and control based on project timelines and testing best practices. Deliveries reporting. Lead offshore IS and business teams for building and executions.

SAP FI Consultant

Exertis3 months

Scope building, verification and validation for SAP FI-AP, FI-AR, General Finance, CO, Assets, Finance Planning and Consolidation, Master Data and Vistex. Workshops delivery for priorities based on risk matrix verification and validation, defining of new scenarios and detect changes in the processes defined. Built and integrate FI areas scenarios with Logistic areas to have an integrated scenario in O2C, WM and P2P end to end scenarios. HPQC components (manual scripting) and tests building. Scope sign-off and Stakeholders management. Building and Execution Team Leader and Coordinator.

SAP Consultant

Centrica1 month

UAT scenarios scope definition for the Workstreams: Direct Energy & Power, Exploration & Production, FI, BW, BI, BPC, Procurement and HR. Workshops by workstream to define scenarios priorities and moscow. General workshops (Hothouse) for scenarios integration points, scenarios duplication detection, define responsible for test building and executions in HP QC, HP QC Templates building and delivery, Data Requirements for scenarios, Scenarios Building and Executions estimations and effort calculations delivery, RAID records log and updating. Team work with other colleagues and third parties. Stakeholder management by workstream leads, QA Manager and Project Manager.

SAP PP Consultant Lead

Howdens2 months

SAP PP new production lines scenarios building, Scenarios data requirements management with SME’s and Functional leads, workshops, project status reporting to PMO, scenarios flow validation, Validation of business process scenarios steps with Functional Leads, project timesheets, components, scenarios and executions using HP QC. Manage and analysis of scenarios blockers/issues/problems and solve them. Teamwork and integration with the rest of the client testing team on-site.

SAP HCM & SRM Consultant

Sanctuary Housing3 months

SAP regression pack building for SRM and HCM scenarios. Scenarios data requirements management with SME’s and Functional leads. Automation scripts building using UFT and run them using HP QC. Conversion from manual tests to automation tests. Validation of automation business process scenarios steps with Functional Leads. Offshore team coordination and team management. Building and Executions planning, risks and reporting. Manage and analysis of scenarios blockers/issues/problems and solve them. Components and Business Process Tests Building and executions. SAP NWBC, SAP GUI, UFT and HP QC(ALM).

SAP FI-PM Test Expert Consultant

United Utilities6 months

SIT FI and Plant Maintenance Settlement Rules scenarios definition and scope sign-off. FI-Plant Maintenance, Supply Chain and HCM QTP Automation Scripts building and executions from HPQC 11. Defects Management from HPQC 11 and 12 as open, close, take evidence and re-test defects. Daily execution and defects reporting responsible. Data requirements requests. Clarify and validate the client business process scenarios. Assist and support other script building on-site and offshore teams. Assign and coordinate the script building and test executions plan with the rest of the team. Automation Scripting and Executions for FI, PM, SCC, SRM and HR business scenarios (SAP Mobile and other web systems included). Project extension: UFT Automation scripting SAP and web services. Build, validate, plan and execute E2E scenarios for FI, HR, Supply Chain and Plant Maintenance. Matrix risk based building for FI scenarios. Manage and analysis of scenarios blockers/issues/problems and solve them. SAP Mobile, SAP GUI, Click Portal, SRM Portal, ESS Portal, QTP, UFT and HP QC(ALM).

SAP FI Test Expert Consultant

Exertis2 months

SAP HANA Simple Finance Implementation SAP SIT Testing Scope defining, Risk Matrix Building, Business Workshops, Blueprint Business Scenarios analysis. FI-CO, FI-AP, FI-AR, Reporting, FI Simple Finance G/L.

SAP FI Test Expert Consultant

United Utilities4 months

SAP FI Regression and Automation Testing SAP FI Testing Lead: FI Risk Matrix Based Testing sheet building. FI Scenarios scope building and validation. FI Business Processes Workshops. OpenText VIM Scenarios scripting with OCR. QTP/UFT automation Scripting, building and executions. HPQC ALM 11 and 12 Building tests and scenarios for automation executions. Manage and analysis of scenarios blockers/issues/problems and solve them. SAP GUI, SRM Portal, QTP, UFT and HP QC(ALM).

SAP FI/BPC Test Consultant

Centrica2 months

SAP BPC UAT Project (Midstream, Power, ): HPQC UAT manual scripts and scenarios building, test executions, users training, support, SIT and UAT phases defects management, reporting, team work and coordination with SIT team members. Project closure, handover and reporting collaboration. SAP BPC and HP QC(ALM).

SAP FI Test Consultant

KingFisher10 months

SAP HANA Implementation SAP FI / Supply Chain / HR HPQC manual scripting, scenarios and tests building and test executions. SAP SIT phase. SAP FI PER Month and Year integration testing, business process definition and building for the FI integration with the logistic modules. SAP OpenText VIM Scripts building with Scanning Solution, execution and integration. Defects logs, tracking and closure. Manage and analysis of scenarios blockers/issues/problems and solving them. SAP GUI, SRM Portal, SAP VIM and HP QC(ALM).

SAP Consultant

SCL Consulting2 months

SAP FI-CO, SD and MM Implementation. Proposal winner team member. SAP FI-CO requirements request, functional specifications, customizing, BBPs, testing, User Manuals, training, key user’s meetings, meeting notes, multi tasks team member.

SAP Consultant

SCL Consulting6 months

SemTalk Implementation Project P2P-O2C. SAP O2C & P2P Business Process Flows. SemTalk creation and configuration, SharePoint and Approval work-flows configuration with SharePoint Designer. Reporting, User Manuals, User Training, key user’s requirements and support.

SAP Consultant

SCL Consulting1.5 Years

SAP Material Master and Class System Project. Coordination and work closely with the rollouts at the different countries, issue resolution and project report. Material Master and Classes creation and maintenance. Class hierarchy, class type, material type, basic data text and classes. Equivalences between units of measurement of materials and classes, critical for greenhouse gases right calculation at other software with SAP interface. User support, manuals and training. Material class assignment manager and coordinator.

SAP FI-CO Consultant

SCL Consulting2 months

SAP Implant Case Bike (TCASE1) PP/FI/CO - SAP Partners Project. Team Leader and SME - Assist, create and explain configuration, master data, exercises and team support (Two different teams of fresh SAP new joiners)