Senior SAP Financials FICO and FSCM Consultant


Talip Ozakca is 20 years’ experienced SAP financial applications certified consultant. He has achieved many Financial Accounting (FI) and Controlling (CO) and Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) and Funds Management (FM) projects. He has designed/implemented many full cycle SAP template projects and as well as many rollout projects. He has wide knowledge of IFRS and USGAAP and achieved many multi ledger / multi-currency projects. He is solution architect of SAP financial applications and management reporting. • 20 years’ expertise in financial applications. FICO and FSCM full cycle implementation. From gathering/documenting the business requirement, configuring system and deploying the system to the company. • Achieved many global template projects and rollout projects. • Achieved many FI projects (Financial Accounting). FI-AA (Asset Accounting), FI-SL (Special Purpose Ledger), FI-PCA (Profit Center Accounting), • Achieved many CO (Controlling) projects. CO-CCA (Cost Center Accounting) CO-PC (Product Costing), PC OBJ - Cost Object Controlling, CO-PA (Profitability Analysis), CO-ML (Material Ledger) and material ledger alternative valuation run. • Achieved FSCM projects. Financial Supply Chain Management and Cash Management including fx transactions, spot and option and forward transactions, collection management, credit management, cash management and liquidity planner. • Achieved many FM (Funds Management) projects. • Experience in multinational companies and environments • Experience in US GAAP – Generally Accepted Accounting Principle and IFRS – international financial reporting system • Trained several consultants and project teams in SAP financial applications • Has experienced in governmental projects • Has implemented many new ledger projects with splitting functionality of different scenarios like cost of sales accounting, profit center accounting, business area, segment and user defined fields. • Has experience in new ledger migration • Has implemented many multi ledger and multi-currency environment. • Has achieved vendor payment bank integration via DMEE • Has achieved electronic bank statement with MT940 and BAI formats • Has implemented many direct debit projects • Has achieved many operational chart of account and country chart of account • Has experience in FMSG, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Retail, Production, Dairy, Oil and Gas, Logistics, Telecommunication, Food and Beverage industries • Has experience ASAP implementation methodology. Design and documenting blueprint documents. • Has experience in unit testing and integration testing. • Has achieved ebooks and einvoice implementation • Has achieved many special purpose ledger (SL) implementations. SL is needed either in case of a need of third ledger or need of a third currency or not being able to map country chart of account to group chart of account with 1:1 mapping logic. • Achieved many legacy data migration from various systems to SAP system. • Has experience of SAP financials integration with other modules, i.e. SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) , MM (Materials Management) and PP (Production Planning), PM (Plant Maintenance) PS (Project System) and other SAP modules • Experience in SOLMAN (Solution Manager) • Has achieved many import costs (freight, insurance, custom duty) implementation. • Good relationship with project stakeholders. • Strong experience in designing in house developments (Z-programs), debugging • Strong month end and year end closing activities • Experience in upgrade projects, defining test scenarios, executing tests, documenting etc. • Experience in currency conversion • Expertise in Quality Assurance of SAP implementation.

Key Skills
  • SAP
  • FICO
  • FSCM
  • FI projects
  • FI-AA
  • FI-SL
  • PC OBJ
  • CO-PA
  • CO-ML

Work Experience

Senior SAP Consultant

Schindler Elevator/Escalator12 months

Rollout of a global template in Lucerne/Switzerland and Istanbul. Ebooks and Einvoices are implemented. IFRS and local GAAP reporting achieved by use of account group (local account, shared account and group account). Country chart of account is mapped to group account. Direct debit collection and electronic bank statement are achieved. DMEE is used for vendor payment processing. Project System is implemented as part of costing.

Senior SAP Consultant

GlaxoSmithKline 10 months

Project is done in London and Istanbul. GSK consumer healthcare is seperated from pharmaceutical business. A new company code is created and all data are migrated from SAP to SAP. Additionally Novartis healthcare is merged into GSK healthcare business. GSK is a two ledger (local GAAP and IFRS) and two currency environment. Standard costing is used in IFRS and actual costing is used local GAP. Special Purpose Ledger is used in legal reporting because of not being able to make 1:1 GL account mapping . Partially Russia rollout is supported for actual costing. General Ledger, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Asset Accounting, Project System, Overhead Costing Controlling, Product Costing including Material Ledger, Alternative Valuation Run, Actual Costing are implemented as part of project. Role is solution architect of new reporting structure.

Senior SAP Consultant

Aynes 6 months

Aynes is a dairy business company. Role is FICO solution architect in Denizli/Turkey. Product costing, matreial ledger with actual costing, overhead cost controlling and profitability analysis are implemented. Standard costing with variance analysis for IFRS and actual costing for local GAAP is implemented.New ledger with profit center scenario with splitting is implemented.

Senior SAP Consultant

Mammut Group 2 months

Mammut is an automotive company. Some sub modules of FSCM are implemented, including transaction manager (fx spot, forward and option transactions) ,electronic bank statement (MT940), collection management, credit management and dispute management are implemented. Role is FSCM solution architect. Deliverables includes blueprint, configuration and realisation.

Senior SAP Consultant

Petropars 2 months

A group of oil and gas Iranian governmental companies. Job is to redesign and restructure of New Ledger. Profit center accounting and segment reporting is implemented in a live new ledger environment. Initial implementation was without profit center accounting and segment reporting by mistake. 8 months later after go live, profit center accounting scenario and segment scenario with splitting are activated in new ledger. A data conversion and reconstruction project in new ledger is executed. Old ledger data is deleted, transaction data is converted and new ledger data is created again. Because the system is already live, strong tests are executed. Deliverable was the new structure of new ledger and data migration. Role is the solution architect of designing of new ledger structure.

Senior SAP Consultant

GlaxoSmithKline 12 months

GSK is a 2 ledger (local GAAP and IFRS) and 2 currency environment. Many different reporting scenarios are active in new ledger. Standard costing in IFRS and material ledger with alternative valuation run are implemented. General Ledger, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Asset Accounting, Project System, Overhead Costing Controlling, Product Costing including Material Ledger, Alternative Valuation Run, Actual Costing. E_books and e_invoices are implemented. Profitability analysis (COPA) is implemented for management reporting purposes. Project is in London and Istanbul and the role includes rollout of a template and solution architect of legal requirements and special purpose ledger.

Senior SAP Consultant

Alstom7 months

A energy transformer production company . Rollout project and executed in Paris and Istanbul. Project systems and result analysis is implemented in controlling. Single ledger with 2 currency is implemented. GL accounts are differentiated by shared/group or local purposes. Results Analsysis in Project System is used at month end closing functionality.

Senior SAP Consultant

Alcatel Lucent10 months

A telecommunication company. Rollout project in Paris and Istanbul. Single ledger environment with multiple currency and multiple accounting reporting system. Project System with Result Analysis is implemented. General Ledger, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Asset Accounting, Project System, Overhead Costing Controlling, Product Costing including material Ledger with Actual Costing is implemented.

Senior SAP Consultant

Johnson Wax10 months

An FMCG company, Project is the rollout of a template to Turkey, Russia and Ukraine in 2011 and 2012. Single ledger with both IFRS and local GAAP. Special Purpose Ledger is implemented for all 3 companies. Profitability Analysis (COPA) is implemented in management reporting purpose. FSCM Transaction manager is implemented for bank loans. Direct debit system is implemented for customer collection.

Senior SAP Consultant

Isfalt2 months

A municipal asphalt production company. Role is a consultant and architect of FSCM in Istanbul. A template is built in transaction manager, derivatives, foreign exchange, forward and option transaction and bank credit limit agreements. Full cycle project is implemented.

Senior SAP Consultant

Nobel Ilac2 months

A group of pharmaceutical company. A full cycle FSCM project is implemented in transaction manager, money market, FX spot, forward and option transactions in 2010. Project is rolled out to group companies. Role is the solution architect of FSCM.

Senior SAP Consultant

Vaillant & Demirdokum7 months

Heating, ventilation, air conditioner industry. A rollout project is in Remscheid/Germany and Istanbul. Standard costing is used in IFRS and material ledger with actual costing is implemented for local GAAP. Alternative chart of account is built and mapped to operational chart of account.

Senior SAP Consultant

Merck Serono6 months

2011 FICO Rollout project including material ledger is achieved. Project includes, General Ledger Accounting, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Cost Center Accounting and Profit Center Accounting. Management reporting is done in COPA. Group chart of account is mapped to legal accounts.Standard price is used for IFRS and actual price is used for tax purpose.

Senior SAP Consultant

NUPCO4 months

A centralized medical supplies Procurement Company located in Riyadh. Full cycle implementation FICO including funds management & cash management & liquidity planner is achieved. Project includes FI AP/AR/GL/AA CM, FM and CCA. Role is the solution architect of FICO.

Senior SAP Consultant

Sabic2 months

A petrochemical Saudi Arabia company. Support and enhancement of a live project is achieved. Some new functionalities are implemented such as: Demurrage claim with ABAP developments, Emailing of payment advice notes, confirmation letters, account statements, logging of vendor and customer confirmation letters, analysis of purchase price variance and AMEX credit card integration, automatic booking of AMEX transactions to SAP. Role is the solution architect of new initiatives.