Senior Linux SA Consultant


I am an IT professional with 10+ years of IT experience. I am self-motivated and technology driven. I've spent most of my working life in companies that deployed cutting edge technologies. I am looking for an engineering / SA / DevOps/ Infrastructure projects/maintenance role that would help me develop further in my field. I have full/valid UK government SC clearance and Disclosure Scotland which makes me eligible to work in the government departments. Infrastructure, OS & INTERNET : • LINUX capacity planning, design, POC, testing, implementation, DevOps work/ continuous integration and deployment/ maintenance/ system administration/ LAMP stack work, using the latest Enterprise Red Hat distribution currently 7.2, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE, on AWS infrastructure, VmWare/vCenter, various hardware, HP/IBM/DELL blades and standalone servers, using Yum, Foreman, Satelite/Spacewalk , • AWS Cloud installation, formation, maintenance and load balancing , Amazon EC2 cloud maintenance with AWS, LoadBalancer, RDS, S3, Glacier, CloudWatch, recently I started using Terraform • DevOps standard applications/procedures for continuous deployment and JVM/JDK environments, Jenkins/Docker/Github/Subversion/Maven/JIRA, ANT, XML files , Development/Testing/Release/Deployment pipeline, Docker/Qubernetes • Automated Configuration management with Ansible, PUPPET and various other tools, using standard modules and developing the new ones for specific problems and tasks like kickstart/ PUPPET and Foreman / jumpstart, for various “flavours” of Unix, • STANDARD SA PROCEDURES like performance monitoring and tuning, applying the patches, system monitoring, capacity planning, architectural design, for all of OS-s that I worked with, POC and testing • INTERNET WWW AND PROXY SERVERS/SERVICES/MIDLWARE like Apache, Apache Tomcat, nginx, JBOSS, Squid, building LAMP servers stack, Apache, Cisco and F5 load balancing, WWW sites based on Vyre and DRUPAL development • Virtualization – Vmware vSphere , Linux on IBM/ DELL and HP blade frames, Solaris 10 containers/LDOM-s , AIX LPAR-s, cloud computing Amazon EC2 and AWS Management Console, Linux grids, Docker . • SCRIPTING/USING writing Korn, Burne (bash), C shell, Perl , Ruby/ GEMS, Pyton, PHP scripts, for general maintenance and other more specialised purposes • Standard UNIX /TCPIP services, configuring and installing SSH, FTP, NFS, NIS, DNS, LDAP, automounter • UNIX SECURITY SOFTWARE like hardening the OS, Firewall-1, Tripwire , Etrust, PMRUN, Keon, Npassword, TCP Wrappers, Cops, Crack, Ruptor Eagle Firewall and CERN packet filtering • Message brokers like Apache Active MQ, Kafka • SAMBA using the latest versions. In depth knowledge of configuration files and browsing • SOLARIS, since early versions of SUN OS, currently working on Solaris 11 (creating domains/zones/containers, CPU and memory pools/capping), HW virtualization with LDOM-s , ZFS • AIX 5.3 on various IBM hardware including X and P series, working with LPAR-s and HMC configuration tool • HP UX version 10.x and 11i, • WINDOWS various versions, Windows Servers, Active Directory, Windows 8 • DOCUMENTATION, Wiki for the internal (SA procedure manuals) and client use (installed software), RELATIONAL DATABASES/ DATA WAREHOUSING/ NOSQL DATABASES • Oracle version 11g and 10.x, on the UNIX System Administration level and higher • MySQL version 5.x onwards and MySQL Workbench • Postgress 9.x in RDS • Sybase 12.5.x and 11.x, • Vertica Data Warehouse • MongoDB 3.0 DISK/VOLUME MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE & CLUSTERING in details • Linux Volume Manager, • AWS S3 • Pacemaker/Heartbeat, • Veritas Foundation (VCS clustering/ Volume Manager/ Replication) on Solaris and Linux • Solstice DiskSuite, Solaris Cluster SYSTEMS MONITORING SOFTWARE Nagios, Splunk, Ganglia, Tivoli, BMC Patrol, Zenoss, MRTG, and usual UNIX customized monitoring scripts based on SAR, VMSTAT, IOSTAT , NETSTAT and other standard LINUX/UNIX commands UNIX/LINUX HARDWARE • IBM p- series, X series 5250 servers, eServer, Bladecenter technology HS and LS, • DELL blade chassis PowerEdge technology like M1000e with various blades like M710HD with HMC configuration tool and stand-alone machines • HP c3000 and c7000 , BL460C G6 blade servers, Proliant DL, configuration with SmartStart • Sun SPARC Enterprise file servers like E25K/15K, M5000, T5440, T series and older models NETWORK & COMMS HARDWARE - Routers, Switches, hubs, Print servers, Terminal servers ENTERPRISE BACKUP installing, configuring and extensively using software like NetBackup, TSM , Legato Networker for Unix SCHEDULING SOFTWARE installing, configuring and administering Control M, AppWorx TREASURY SOFTWARE & MARKET DATA supporting lots of different trading systems and applications like Calypso (I did the infrastructure, testing and implementation, as well as the support during that period), Murex, Kondor, KVAR, RiskWatch, TLM, Smart/Mint, Swift, RV, Reuters Dealing, Reuters market data feeds, Telerate and Blumberg services MAIL SOFTWARE Apache MQ mail, Sendmail, Postfix with IMAP and POP clients, on help desk and administration level for local and remote users

Key Skills
  • Linux
  • DevOps
  • Red Hat
  • LAMP
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • VmWare
  • AWS
  • Development

Work Experience

Senior Linux SA Consultant

CGI6 months

• I am doing various Linux/UNIX/DevOps tasks in creating, maintaining and deploying the Linux/Apps/MySQL infrastructure for few government projects.

Senior Linux DevOps / SA Consultant

Intelectual Property Office12 months

• As a part of a Release Team, I am looking after the release/test/deployment continuous deployment pipeline with Jenkins/Puppet/Docker/Kubernetes environments for various public service projects and testing. • For all Linux systems mostly SUSE/Centos I reviewed Puppet services in the company and started building and transitioning to the new look environment that is using the latest Puppet/R10K/PuppetDB etc. • I was part of a GOTHEM project, virtualising and moving Patent services from Mainframe to the current VM environments, doing the release/deployment • I coordinated and remedied all Pen Testing vulnerabilities found on UNIX/LINUX systems in the company

Senior Linux DevOps / SA

SouthWest 6 months

• I was doing various Linux/AWS/VMware/Puppet/LAMP/Splunk stack work for few Australian boutique stockbroking clients. My main tasks are advising customers, getting snapshots of the current inventory and the performance, design/planning virtualization and move to AWS, execution and initial maintenance/monitoring of DC (VmWare) elements move to AWS, looking after the scalable Linux config/installations and company’s WWW presence,

Senior Linux DevOps / SA

LH.com1 month

• E-commerce site where I looked after Jenkins/Apache/Tomcat/Puppet deployment/upgrade scripts/manifests. • I also looked after the Java developers and deployment to the WWW site.

Senior Linux DevOps / SA

Stagecoach 6 months

• I was looking after developer's Linux/AWS infrastructure that is based on Amazon Linux with Amazon/Ansible Cloud Managemnent/EC2/MySql/S3/Tomcat infrastructure, Jenkins continuous deployment etc. I developed automatic horizontal scaling environment creation on AWS and application deployment of WAR files, all this was done in Ansible

Senior Linux Infrastructure Consultant / DevOps

RBS6 months

• Looking after an Amazon/Puppet Cloud/EC2/RDS/S3 testing infrastructure, configuring/testing failovers/horizontal scalability and all infrastructure aspects of the apps development, databases, backup and monitoring test environment. I was cooperating a lot with various teams of developers, DBA-s etc.

Senior Linux Infrastructure Specialist / System Administrator / Designer

Options IT2.5 Years

• Options IT are a fast growing global private financial cloud provider for hedge funds and parts of the big organizations that request this technology like JP Morgan etc. The main client base is in the UK, US and main Asian financial centres like Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo. • I am doing design according to client’s specifications, installation and configuration , and day to day (and overnight) support and maintenance of various financial systems based on Linux (Red Hat/Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS) and Solaris systems and network services applications, web services Apache/Tomcat, client’s Java applications support. Upgrading the clients web sites software as well. • I am also configuring/installing and maintaining all financial services like connections to various exchanges , various financial applications etc. • Forman/Puppet configuration/development/maintenance • Monitoring with Nimbus, Splunk, Nagios, Tealeaf • All systems are mixture of user requested HW/AWS platforms with VMware and Solaris Virtualization, Veritas and Pacemaker/Heartbeat clustering software with HP 3PAR SAN storage support

Senior Linux Infrastructure Consultant

AAT6 months

• I was doing day to day support and maintenance of various Linux (Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS) systems and network services applications, web services Apache/Tomcat and front end web site maintenance, some Java applications/portlets, Vyre and Drupal sites, VMware/VSphere, dealing with hosting providers and looking after all MySQL databases . Monitoring with Splunk and Nagios • As AAT's WWW site was moving to a new host provider, I was sizing, designing and migrating an infrastructure for the fully 64 bit future Amazon EC2 cloud installation, various new sites, firewall rules, designing Puppet installation and deployment. I was taking part in the load balancing design as well. • I was maintaining all the internal technical Wiki documentation

Senior Linux / UNIX Infrastructure Consultant

Elanti Systems1.5 Years

• I was doing day to day support and maintenance of Red Hat 5.4/5/6 and Solaris 10 systems and network services applications, VCS, LVM, various web services Apache/Tomcat/JBOSS and web sites maintenance, some Java applications, Amazon EC2 cloud maintenance for some clients, in Australia and US , and some decommissioning as per requirements. • Virtualization of various Solaris older machines to the Linux servers, move to VMware /vSphere v4.0 • Kickstart-ing the HP blade servers, that are replacing older Linux and some Solaris development boxes installing mostly RedHat 5.6 and LAMP set of application software . Configuration of/with Puppet, Yum, Satelite /Spacewalk • Working with DBA-s on the maintenance and installations of MySQL and Oracle databases • I was creating and maintaining all documentation that is required for various projects and procedures

Senior Linux / UNIX Infrastructure Solution Consultant

Standard Chartered Bank2 Years

• I was working day to day supporting all financial systems as Linux /Solaris System Administrator for all RHEL/Solaris/AIX, VCS clusters and Front Office applications like Calypso, TLM, Microstrategy BI, Murex and others, documenting and publishing important procedures and solutions • I was also doing various projects for FO/Financial Markets as a technical lead responsible for a capacity planning, as a BAU adviser, delivering the systems built up to the company standards to the business, in a timely fashion, implementation, and some migrations to the different platform. • ProjectToyota – being a technical lead, building systems infrastructure in UK/US/Dubai/HK/Singapore – RHEL 5.4 Linux grid on DELL Blades and some Solaris 10 boxes for Toyota set of applications. Utilised Kickstart, Yum and Satellite, Jumpstart. I received an internal Excellence Award for this work. • Virtualisation project for DEV/PROD machines – due to a huge number of older SUN/Linux development/PROD environments, space/maintenance cost/energy constraints I took on the virtualisation and/or replacement of those machines with cheaper Linux blades. The replacements were mainly DELL Linux blades, Oracle,Sybase and MySQL racks or VmWare virtual machines. I was identifying the old machines, building the OS, SAN and LVM configuration, and planing and executing the implementation/move to the new environments. With all the obstacles (extra work, new HW costs ) saving proved to be huge. • New York Brokers systems – interface systems to the various local NY brokers, mostly Linux RedHat solutions • TLM Consolidation – VCS and Linux RHEL 5.5 solution. Using Yum and Satelite for updates • Microstrategy Business Intelligence – clustered BI Linux/Oracle solution initially in UK and latter in Singapore and around the world, this was clustered solution based on the VCS

Senior Infrastructure Solution Designer / System Administrator

St George Investment Banking12 months

• I was working on the project of automating End Of Day, DR and Intra Day processing of all front office trading applications like Kondor, RiskVision, SwiftNet, SmartStream and others, and all in-house developed applications as well (Possum, Citadel and others). Previously all EOD processes have been done through the UNIX crontab scheduled jobs. Applications/processes were mostly Linux RHEL 5.1 and Solaris 9 based, using also Java/Tomcat/JBOSS • I was scoping the requirements, doing capacity planning, designing, testing and implementing the complete solution with scheduling software, in this case was AppWorx. I was designing processes, closely working with the business and the BA-s to understand their particular needs and requirements, assessing current infrastructure and technology and recommending the optimally needed one, considering the business needs and the technology deployed. I was looking into all security issues of this project as well. • This also included closely working with the Sybase/Oracle/MySQL DBA-s reconciling their needs and the technology/processes applied. • I was also managing the members of the System Admin and Application Support Team, working on the implementation parts of the project according to their role in the process chain, and doing all documentation needed for this project. I was using my previous experience and acquired local knowledge on this project.