Linux Systems Administrator


A Linux Systems Administrator with over 10 years’ experience concentrating primarily with Linux and Open Source software. Worked with teams of 5-17 across multiple industries including internet services, e-commerce and entertainment, maintaining large scale systems consisting of 500+ servers. Proficient in using puppet as a configuration management tool. Strong troubleshooting and analytical skills coupled with attention to detail have enabled timely issue resolution of complex and difficult tasks. Efficient learning abilities and commercial approach have been used to adopt new technologies quickly and ensure quality delivery of all assigned tasks. Effective communication skills and the ability to see the big picture have allowed liaison at all levels within a company, resulting in client satisfaction. SKILL SUMMARY: Operating systems: RedHat, CentOS, Debian and SUSE Linux Languages: Bash, Python, SQL Network Connectivity: TCP/IP, Ethernet, LAN, Firewalls, Load Balancers, VPN, iptables, 3com switches, LAN, Network Bounding, SSH, VPN, DNS, DHPC, PEXE, TFTP Software Skills: MySQL, Tomcat, Bash, Puppet/Ansible, git, Apache, Nginx, Jenkins, SQL, Tomcat, HA proxy, Ovirt, RHEL, SUSE, CentOS, arkeia, RMAN, Linux kernel Monitoring: BigBrother, Hobbit, Nagios, Cacti, Graphite, StatsD, CollectD Other: Amazon Web Services, Virtuasalization/Clouds: Xen, KVM, Vmware, AWS

Key Skills
  • Linux
  • Open Source
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • RedHat

Work Experience

Senior Linux Systems Administrator

Kantar Media12 months

Project: Linux System Administration including hardware and software upgrades, improving monitoring and systems integration on various distributions including RedHat, SUSE and CentOS linux. Achievements: Using configuration management, Ansible, I’ve reduced number of manual operations required to produce daily output data. Successfully build and set up testing environments in AWS clouds.

RedHat Linux Systems Administrator

Colt12 months

Contracted to maintain LVM for SAP solution. Providing support from OS perspective.. Project: The project was to design, and build and configure RedHAT Linux for SAP Application & HANA Database environment for Colt’s internal new SAP environment platform by Colt Managed Cloud data centres in UK and integrate this cloud with SAP SFIN systems. This platform will be set up on Cisco UCS infrastructure and storage hosted from EMC VNX arrays. Further the requirement is also to build SAP HANA product platform in the UK for DEV, TEST, PRE-PROD working closely with SAP, CISCO, VMware and Colt Managed Cloud Product and Service Operations Teams. Achievements: Took initiative to simplify file system layout with correspond to data store configuration to help Operations team in day to say tasks.

Linux System Consultant

Kew, Royal Botanic Garden6 months

Contracted to solely restore and migrate Linux based infrastructure and Science applications after a major system incident. Responsibilities: ▪ Investigate the state of the assets and services of a Linux infrastructure following system break down ▪ Maintain and rebuild Linux Based infrastructure when the infrastructure becomes unavailable ▪ Migrate Linux Based Systems from KVM to VMware platform ▪ Maintain puppet configuration and resume deployments ▪ Use NGINX to configure and set up load balancers ▪ Configure and set APJ load balancers Tomcat / Apache ▪ Work on network configuration for other projects, such as migration from ISP, telephony deployments ▪ Set up communication channels between operations and development teams using git as a collaboration tool ▪ Create processes and train junior stuff for operational tasks ▪ Use existing puppet manifests to manage databases running on MySQL restore system functionality ▪ Use puppet for configuration management and continuous deployments ▪ Support software deployments to staging and production environments, build on Apache and Tomcat, using Jenkins. Achievements: ▪ Took initiative to restore deployments of new software to Tomcat, resume the build of an application deployment and document a system process in order to re-gain previously lost know-how. This allowed developers to resume their SDLC activities Skill snapshot: MySQL, Tomcat, Linux, Bash, KVM, Puppet, Networking / Lan, git, Apache, Nginx, Jenkins, VMware.

Linux Systems Administrator

HP Lab6 months

Contracted to provide support on Linux Operating systems and tools working in an archive team of 5, in order to complete migration of HP Service Manager worldwide Responsibilities: ▪ Migrate and support hybrid environment of HP Service Manager Archive platform ▪ Ensure migrations are ready from OS / network perspective (VPN, LAN, TCP/IP, SSH, HTTP / HTTPS) ▪ Deploy solutions of HP Service Manager on hybrid environments such as Linux RedHat and Windows ▪ Troubleshoot problems related to pre and post deployment of HP Service Manager in clients’ hybrid environments built on Linux Red Hat and MS Windows server 2008 ▪ Use SQL to prepare databases and OS for upgrade to HP Service Manager in clients environments ▪ Deal with internal support teams and service owners in order to complete migration ▪ Provide documentation and training for internal and local operations teams worldwide Achievements: A cross functional HP Smart team consisting of 30+ professionals successfully finished migration of over 50 systems to a new version of HP Service Manager in a record time of 8 months. Skill snapshot: SQL, Tomcat, Linux, Bash, LAN, SSH, VPN, TCP/IP, RedHat

Linux Systems Administrator

Powa Technology3 months

Contracted to solely provide support on development and maintenance of the e-commerce platform. Worked alongside a team of seven developers, two network administrators and three product managers. Responsibilities: ▪ Run core business e-commerce platforms based on Java ▪ Co-operate with network and development teams within a DevOps environment ▪ Deploy software for production / development environments running on Tomcat container and Apache. ▪ Develop bash scripts and puppet manifests ▪ Provide support to a team of 7 developers in various aspects of the system; set up and refresh stage area, application support from operating system perspective. ▪ Configuration maintained by Puppet and BASH scripts, environment build using Kickstart and Puppet ▪ Resolve incoming system related JIRA tickets ▪ Support MySQL databases including backup, replication and backup ▪ Maintain and support Amazon EC2 environments such as group policies, ELB setup ▪ Deal with external 3rd party suppliers and software vendors Achievements: Took initiative to implement and build developers’ staging area which automated pre-production deployment, thus saving time and resources. Skill snapshot: MySQL, Tomcat, Linux, Bash, Xen, Puppet, git, Apache, DevOps, Amazon EC2, ELB

Linux Systems Engineer

Shazam1 month

Employed in team of two to create and maintain infrastructure and services and ensure sure they met specified requirements. Responsibilities: ▪ Perform hardware maintenance for RAIDs, expanding the existing core network and HP ProLiant ▪ Maintain infrastructure for 3com switches, LAN, network bounding, load balancers and iptables based firewall ▪ Support for virtual environments built on Xen, KVM, Ovirt ▪ Support and maintain Amazon EC2 environments ▪ Maintain and deploy hardware to production environments using services such as TFTP, DHCP and kick start ▪ Respond to service issues and requests ▪ Install, configure, and maintain in-house servers, data centres for Amazon in multiple locations ▪ Use Big Brother / Hobbit and Nagios, Cacti, Graphite, StatsD, CollectD to monitor servers for stability to correct and prevent issues ▪ Provide fellow system administrators and support representatives with technical support and guidance ▪ Use Puppet and Bash scripts to develop and implement administration standards and procedures as well as create accounts for multiple services ▪ Use of Arkeia, RMAN for in-house developed scripts to perform system backups ▪ Creation and maintenance of support documentation using Wiki ▪ Run support production recognition clusters on RHEL clusters, CentOS ▪ Migrate existing services to cloud environments such as EC2 Amazon, set high visibility using ELB ▪ Set up, manage and migrate MySQL databases across different environments ▪ Support and manage Local Area Networks including network services such as DNS, DHPC and PEXE ▪ Provide assistance in troubleshooting internal systems and build storages using RAID, jbod and nfs Example projects worked on are as follows: Infrastructure Provisioning Built, deployed and maintained OS provision system, which was a combination of DHCP, Kickstart and Puppet to allow fast and standardised deployment to both bare metal and virtualised systems Migration of legacy monitoring systems Migration of legacy monitoring systems into a new solution. The deployment of Nagios and Graphite with StatsD. This opened new possibilities for detailed and custom tests. Achievement: Ensured no downtime for millions of users worldwide saving the untold time and money by successfully building infrastructure services on high availability solutions across many layers, including interface bonding, switch aggregation setup, HA proxy. Skill snapshot: 3com switches, LAN, Network Bounding, Load Balancers, iptables, DNS, DHPC, PEXE, LAN, TCP / IP, MySQL, Xen, KVM, Ovirt, RHEL, CentOS, arkeia, RMAN, puppet, Bash, BigBrother / Hobbit, Nagios, Cacti, Graphite + StatsD, CollectD), Linux kernel, TFTP, Amazon Web Services.