Expert .Net WPF and Winforms Developer


Talented and accomplished Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) offering over 22 years’ experience in software development and architecture with over 14 years in using .NET and SQL Server technologies. • Analysis, Architecture, development, testing, implementation, Extensive experience in working across all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle with technical support. • Strong programming skills in C#, VB.NET, VS 2015, WPF, XMAL, Prism, MVVM, Unity, EF, WCF, TPL, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000/2008/2012, TFS, TDD, Design Patterns & Application Blocks, besides Visual Basic 6, Oracle 8/11, MS Access 97/2000/2003/2007, HTML5, XHTML, XML & XSLT. Good knowledge of Insurance & Reinsurance, Finance & Accountancy systems. • Successfully architected and coded the trade order management system for Tafigura that incorporated Commodities for markets like LME, COMEX, SHFE, WUXI, FX and ARB. • Adept at performing feasibility and cost/benefit analysis of proposed projects and providing recommendations on technology selection. • Successful track record of interacting with clients for gathering requirements and delivering leading edge technology solutions that match client requirements. • Elucidate and enforce procedures and processes for Hardware, Software applications frameworks and allocate tasks. • An excellent communicator with keen analytical ability and information analysis skills. Proven ability to work independently as well as collaboratively in team environment. • An articulate communicator with ability to work under pressure in fast-paced, time sensitive environments. Holds high personal standards and consistently leads cross-functional teams to achieve company objectives. Computer Skills Languages: C#.Net, ASP.Net MVC versions 4/5/6, VB Script, JavaScript, jQuery, VB.NET, MTS, TDD, COM+, DCOM, ADO, ADO.NET, DAO, MVC 2/3 , HTML, DHTML, ASP, XML, XSL, XSLT, XML Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, Win Forms, CSS3, Themes, Skins, Ajax, Entity Frame Work (EDM), LINQ, Multithreading, Angular JS, WCF, WPF & XMAL. Database: SQL Server, T-SQL, DTS/SSIS/SSRS, OLAP/SSAS, Oracle, PL/SQL, Data Ware Housing, Data Mapping, ETL and MS Access. Others: Target Process, Crystal Reports, MS Word, MS Excel, MS FrontPage, Visual SourceSafe, TFS, TDD, NUnit, CMS, Visio & UML .MS Visual Modular, Design Patterns and Application Blocks, IIS 6 & 7. Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista ,XP , NT, 2000/2003.

Key Skills
  • .NET
  • SQL
  • WPF
  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • VS 2015

Work Experience

WPF Senior Developer \ Technical Architect

Insightful Technology 2.5 Years

Environment: C#.Net frame work 4.5 VS 2015, WPF, MVVM, PRISM, UNITY, Entity Framework 4.6, SQL server 2015, SVN source control, WPF, multi-threading including TPL, Telerik controls and Jira Agile project management tool. Scope: Architecting, designing and coding from right the start the Coino CMS and the Fourex Kiosk applications using VS 2015, MVVM, PRISM, and UNITY & EF. • Coino is the Content Management System that incorporate the following functionalities: o Controls the stock level of monies within the fourex kiosk machine and alerts management when the stock level is low. o Provides statistics and kiosk(s) performance at any period in time for any location. o Shows 24 graphs data to display information about the best performing machine for a location at a particular time. o Revealing individual transaction details. • The Fourex kiosk application is the software that’s installed on all machines. o It allows customers to enter any currency in over 150 countries worldwide and outputs them in either GBP, Euro or USD. o Shows the exchange rate for the top 10 currencies on a side screen at the Fourex Kiosk. o Using marquee to inform users of the latest news and WPF animation for transition between pages i.e. slide, rotate and cubic effects. o Integrating the system with the kiosk dispenser/ slot machine to allow inserting coins (single or in bulk) and notes. o Dispensing the output currency into a dispenser and printing a receipt that shows all input currency with their exchange rates.

WPF Senior Developer \ Technical Architect

Perfect Information 1 month

Environment: C# with .Net frame work 4.5 VS 2013, WPF, XMAL, WCF, MVVM, PRISM, UNITY, and SQL Server 2012, Entity Frame work 4.5 with LINQ to entities, Git Source Control and Jira Agile project management tool. Scope: Architecting, designing and coding the PIMA WPF XMAL application using VS 2013 & SQL Server 2012. • PIMA is an application that’s used to create a transaction that incorporate the following details: o Transaction Details like offer date, transaction date, type of offer (Acquisition, Merger, demerger etc) and board recommend. o Creating Bids (more than one bidder) with Country, Exchange, Sector, Consortium etc. o Target Company, Transaction Size, Bidders fees and Target fees. o Additional Transaction Features, Offer Consideration & Financing of Transaction (Cash, Equity Issue, Debt Issue etc…) o Transaction Parties (Auditors, Financial Advisors, Legal Advisor). • Designing database tables using EF code first with seeding method to drop and recreate the database when changes occur. • Using WPF with MVVM Patten, PRISM version 5.0 and Unity. Creating Web Service using WCF. • Using multi-threading asynchronous programing with TPL. • Using S.O.L.I.D principle for Architecture with GoF design patterns & Visio. • Using Git source control to push and pull then merge to development & master files. • Test Driven Development using NUnit. • Using Angular JS in other web project to do validation and improve responsiveness.

WPF Senior Developer \ Technical Architect

Fredrickson Int 1.5 Years

Environment: C# & VB.Net with .Net frame work 4.5 VS 2012, WPF, MVVM, PRISM, UNITY, ASP.Net, SQL Server 2012, Entity Frame work 4.5 with LINQ to entities, VB6, Excel, TFS, Crystal reports and Jira Agile project management tool. Scope: Architecting, Team Managing, coding and migrating applications from VB6 to .Net framework 4.5 VS 2012: • There are over 40 applications being used by users for debt collection. Some are using VS 2005 and others are under migration from VB6 to ASP.Net VS 2012. Windows applications are being migrated to WPF using Prism, unity and MVVM pattern. • Using S.O.L.I.D principle for Architecture with GoF Design Patterns & Visio. • Using Excel Object Model to display data in Excel sheets and emailed directly to the client. • Using TFS with continuous integration. • Using WCF to deploy Service-oriented-Architecture (SOA) and implementing advanced web services techniques and standards. • Test Driven Development using NUnit.

Senior Developer \ Team Leader

Deluxe Digital 6 months

Environment: C# with .Net frame work 4.5 VS 2012, ASP.Net, and SQL Server 2012, Entity Frame work 4.5 with Linq to entities, Telerik controls, Crystal reports and Jira Agile project management tool. Scope: Architecting, Team Managing and coding the Deluxe Digital Production Application: • The production application provides details for DCMC (Digital Cinema Mastering contents), CPL (Composition Play List), Annotation text, subtitles, languages and Audio in a hard disk that’s distributed to all theatres in the UK and worldwide. • Using C# with ASP.Net, Entity Frame work 4.5, Telerik controls, Javascript and jQuery to architect, style and design the production application. • Using TFS as the source control for the Production project.

WPF Developer \ Technical Architect

Department for Education 1.5 Years

Environment: C# with .Net frame work 4.0 VS 2010, WPF, XMAL, Prism 4.2, MVVM, SQL Server 2010, and Entity frame work 4.1, LINQ with using TDD under Agile & scrum methodologies. Scope: Architecting & coding the Store application and project managing a team of 3 developers: • Architecting and Coding the Store application for DfE. The store is the software that provides funds for all educational schools in the UK. • Using C#, WPF, XMAL, Model-View-ViewModel pattern, Prism using Modules, regions within shells and commanding. • Using TFS as the source control for the Store project. • Importing data from Excel, processing the data and inserting it into the store application using wizard type process. • Using expression blend to solely style the application using XMAL and resource dictionaries. • Using multi-threading asynchronous programing with TPL tasks.

WPF Developer \ Technical Architect

Spargonet Consulting 6 months

Environment: C# .Net frame work 4.0 VS 2010, WPF, XMAL, Prism 4.1, IOC & DI, git, Oracle 11, Java, Entity frame work (ORM) and LINQ to Entity, WCF using TDD with Agile & scrum methodologies. Scope: Architecting, planning, coding and project managing teams of developers, testers and business analysts: • Architecting & coding the trade order management system for Trafigura using Visio & C#. • Using WPF, XMAL, MVVM & Prism to inject views into regions using Unity and creating the logical object model. Using XMAL to style the application and apply animations i.e. sliding, rotating, fading in and out views within regions. • Using git as safe control for pushing and pulling the order management. • Good understanding of commodities like refined metals, Exchanges like LME, ABR and COMEX (Futures & FX), Hedge funds & derivatives for Portfolio & Contra-Portfolio. External order creation of refined metals & FX orders. • The use of order types like Buy/ Sell, leg types based on instrument ID and the concept of fills. • Saving orders as Scratch, Release, and Unauthorised & authorised states. • Using multi-threading asynchronous programming for performance and multi-core execution.

IT Team Leader

APM Group 9 months

Environment: C# & VB.Net frame work 4.0 VS 2010, MVC3, WPF, XMAL, ASP.Net 2010, SQL Server 2008, Ajax controls, HTML, XHTML, CSS, Entity frame work (ORM) and LINQ to Entity using TDD with Agile & scrum methodologies. Scope: Training, planning, architecting, coding and project managing teams of developers, testers and business analysts: • Training the team the use of TDD, MVC3, Ajax Tool Kit, TFS and Entity frame work using C#. • Architecting the CESG application for practitioners and Exam bodies with hands-on coding to develop the candidate, Scheduling, assessment, interviewing and reporting systems. • Using SSIS (ETL) to migrate data from the old application to CESG SQL server. • Using HTML editors like MS Ajax HTML Editor, CKEditor, CuteSoft, TinyMCE and open WYSIWYG. • Architecting and coding the examination application using WPF.

Team Leader / Web Consultant

Veolia Environmental Services 6 months

Environment: C#.Net frame work 4.0 VS 2010, ASP.Net 2010, SQL Server 2010, HTML, XHTML, XML, WCF, CSS, Themes, Skins, Ajax, LINQ, EXCEL, IIS 7, VSTO, TFS and Target Process. Scope: Planning, architecting and project managing business analyst and developers to develop the following: • Vendor Statement Reconciliation: This project is a true reconciliation between an electronic statements for suppliers (eStatement) and VAE (Vendor Account External), also extending the reconciliation to include eStatement, VAE and VIM (Vendor Invoice Management). The system produces the following: o Full Matches o In VAE but not in eStatement o In eStatement but not in VAE or VIM. o All Invoices. The result of reconciliation can be exported into Excel based on the selected output. • Bulk Upload Process: This programme is used to upload hundreds of thousands to millions records, using SSIS, to a database of several tables to be used in the reconciliation above. • Using Target Process (Agile project management process) to create user stories (project requirements), sprints & defects used by testers. Visualize development flow using Kanban Board. Using Scrum, Lean & Extreme Programming to setup any development process for any project, plan releases and plan iteration on one screen. Plan several releases for different projects on one screen using drag and drop. Monitor development progress using unique and comprehensive reports. • Setting up & using Team Foundation Server with VS 2010 as the source control for above applications.

Web Consultant / Developer

Atos Origin 6 months

Environment: C#.Net framework 3.5 & 4.0, ASP.Net, TFS, SQL Server 2008, WCF, LINQ, ADO.Net, HTML, XHTML, Javascript, Entity framework (EDM), TDD, Agile & Scrum. Scope: Project managing and liaising with managers and users for requirements gathering. Architecting & coding the Cash Passport Registration Web site as 3-tier layers, which include the following: • Cash Passport database includes complete tables design & all stored procedures. • Used SSIS to migrate data from the old to the new SQL server database. • Cash Passport Object Set as middle-tier that includes e-commerce functionalities. • Cash Passport Front end that includes all master pages, content pages, and all controls with full menu & page layouts styling using CSS. • Cash Passport Case Management, using the same object model above, acting as CMS. • Used ASPNet Security with Active Directory to secure the system based on SQL server & MS Exchange. • System testing using Nunit & TDD. • Creating the Technical, Design & Functional specifications documents. • Installed & configured TFS to be used as the default source save for VS 2010 for above projects.

Web Consultant / Developer

AMT Data Technologies 6 months

Environment: C#.Net framework 3.5, ASP.Net, SQL Server 2008, WCF, LINQ, jQuery, Ajax, Entity Frame Work (EDM), XML, XSLT, X-Path, Test Driven Development (TDD), NUnit, Load Testing, Web site performance testing, Agile, Scrum & TFS. Scope: Planning, Architecting and coding the ING Green Care Web site. Writing the functional & technical design document for phase 2 ING Green Care. • Designing the web site as 3-tier architecture. • Using WCF, LINQ and ADO.Net Entity Frame work to call methods and execute stored procedures. • Creating special set of user controls to display data in hierarchy. Drilling down to five levels. • Creating and documenting over 50 functions and stored procedures for the ING Green Care website. • Styling the application using skins & CSS. • Introduced TDD, NUnit and Load testing under Agile and scrum to the development team. • Implement procedures & processes for IT disaster prevention, assessing risk, maintenance, backup and planning for the worst.

Web Consultant / Developer

Clinical Solution 12 months

Environment: C#.Net framework versions 2.0 & 3.5, ASP.Net, SQL Server 2005/08, HTML, DTD, XML, XML WCF, SOAP, WSDL, XSL, XSLT, Win Forms, MVC, CSS, Themes, Skins, Ajax, LINQ, Multithreading, WPF, Excel, Access and Word. Agile, Scrum, NUnit, Web Test, TDD, TFS, UML and Design Patterns. Scope: Planning, architecting and coding the Flu websites that includes Flu line professional, Call Centre, CPIS and public Website. • Using WCF, LINQ, multithreading and ADO.Net to manipulate and process data. In addition, designing navigation gridview control based on dataset rather than sqldataadapter. • Using the MVC design pattern to achieve the decoupling of data access and business logic from the presentation code and also to unit test the GUI effectively. • Using Test Driven Development techniques (TDD) via short development iterations based on pre-written test cases that define desired improvements or newly introduced functionality. • Evaluating 9241 ISO standards and liaising with the rest of the team to apply those standards. • Using VS.Net team system edition 2008 to test Web pages bandwidth, size and their response time. Also, creating Nunit projects. • Creating Nant build files with vss and svn, using Cruise Control and Continues Integration. • Main contributor to the setup of company’s procedures & processes.

Web Consultant / Developer

Virgin Holidays 6 months

Environment: C#.Net framework versions 2.0 & 3.5, ASP.Net, SQL Server, Data Ware Housing and ETL, HTML, DTD, XML, XML Web Services, SOAP, SSAS, SSIS, WSDL, XSL, XSLT, Win Forms, CSS, Themes, Skins, Ajax, LINQ, WCF, WPF, Excel, Access and Word. Agile, Scrum, NUnit, TDD, TFS, UML, Design Patterns including Composite (CAB), Decorator, Bridge, Adapter, Façade, Inversion of Control (IOC) and Model View Controller (MVC), Visio and Enterprise Architect. Scope: This engagement comprises the design, development, enhancement testing using Test Driven development and support of the main VHols intranet. • Planning and architecting websites from start to finish. Provide guidance to all users of Vhols. • Developing and deploying applications to support business operations and decisions across the internet worked enterprise. • Designing web type reports to provide statistical informations about company users. • Applications designed from the ground up are Mail Merge, Sales ledger, company values, Quiz web application, APIS, e-billings, Health & safety and much more.

Web Developer / Software Architect

Twentysixlondon 9 months

Environment: C#.Net framework versions 2.0 and 3.5, ASP.Net, HTML, XML, XML Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, XSL, XSLT, Win Forms, CSS, Ajax and SQL Server 2000/2005. Agile, Scrum, IOC and MVP design patterns, Visio and Enterprise Architect. Scope: The role involves the design, development and enhancement of multi-million highly complex projects like volvooceanrace, Barrats, A & K, Travelodge and their CMS applications. • In charge of a team of 9 senior developers by liaising with project managers and executing tasks. • Planning and architecting websites from start to finish. Provide guidance to all members of the team. • Accountable for administrative and operational decisions of the IT department. Lead and plan the infrastructure initiative to ensure that the IT is in compliance with the company’s policies and procedures.

VB.Net, ASP.Net and SQL Server Specialist

Barclaycard 12 months

Environment: C#.Net version 2.0, ASP.Net, XML Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, Win Forms and SQL Server 2000/2005. Agile, NUnit and TDD. Scope: The project involves enhancement of Barclaycard, SKY+ and Monument credit cards decision engines and working with RDC, Solution Finance and CRM for Barclaycard. • Responsible for development of new functionality along with reverse engineering of applications using UML, with Enterprise Architect. • Involved with advanced modelling including preparation of use cases, sequence diagrams and activity and class diagrams. • Perform vulnerability analysis and risk assessments of format string exploits, memory leaks and buffer overflows. • Provide guidance and support to the team members and perform peer reviews to ensure compliance with quality standards, besides providing support, with emphasis on speedy resolution of problems. • Data migration from one format to another using MS TDS. Analysis of source data, data cleansing, extraction and transformation of data, validation and repair of data, and use of data in the new program to establish correctness and quality of data. • Creating high quality assurance QA documentation for the company and contributing in setting up the development of companies procedures & processes.

VB.Net, ASP.Net and SQL Server Specialist

Boden 6 months

• Involved with design and development of various applications that included: Pack and Scan, Product maintenance and BOCCS e-commerce Web site and other WinForm applications. • Provided technical expertise in system architecture, and developed design patterns and application blocks. Designed over 40 reports using Crystal Reports, as part of the maintenance application. • Kept abreast with latest technologies and provided recommendations on technology selection.

C#, ASP.Net and SQL Server Specialist

William-Reed Publishers 7 months

• Designed a website using C#, ASP.Net and SQL Server 2000. This site included a base page for inheritance, dynamic left menu, rotator control, and image control to sell advertisements. • Worked on design of a search engine and a logging mechanism for creation of user accounts along with security management. • Provided technical expertise in development of an e-commerce module with shopping cart.