Front-end Developer


I started my career as a FoxPro Software developer and moved into Web development in 1998. I have worked for design agencies, newspaper publishers and software houses and have full lifecycle development experience and have designed coding frameworks to help me in the development process. I am well versed in agile methodology unit testing, and various application frameworks, and am looking for a company where I can contribute to challenging projects and further develop my skills. Expertise ● JavaScript, HTML5, (XML/JSON), CSS, PHP5, PERL ● Web services- experience building modern web services with technologies such as SOAP and REST ● UI / UX principles ● Mobile Responsive Web Design/Development ● Phonegap/Cordova/Ionic (IOS and Android platforms) ● Adobe Creative Suite CS5 ● AJAX techniques and frameworks i.e. JQuery, Dojo, Bootstrap, Angular, LESS, JSON, Grunt, Gulp, node.js, Bower, NPM ● Object Orientated Design and Programming Standards, MVC etc. ● SCRUM agile working environment. Test Driven Development ● SQL SERVER 2000 / MySQL (incl. stored procedures) ● (LAMP) LINUX shell, Open LDAP, Apache 1.3 / 2.x IIS implementation. ● WC3, WCAG awareness ● OAS advert targeting and configuration (AdServer type scripting) ● Server-side templating ● Extensive Intranet, CMS and ecommerce development ● SVN, CVS and Git environments ● Key skills in web graphical design using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and other multimedia design tools ● Creating and Embedding multimedia (HTML5, Flash, Windows Media, Quick time) through database driven CMS administration systems. ● SEO and accessibility techniques ● Good client facing skills and comfortable presenting technical information in layman's terms.

Key Skills
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • PHP5
  • PERL
  • SOAP
  • REST

Work Experience

Front-end Developer

Sky Futures12 months

Skill-set: JavaScript (Inc. ES6 & TypeScript), Angular (1.5 + 2), jQuery, HTML5, SCSS, Node, Grunt, Python (Flask) Sky Futures provide drone services mainly to industrial organisations so they can keep track of the state of repair of assets in hard to reach locations. I work here as the only Front End Developer on their drone tracking application which tracks the location of each vehicle, and it's parts, as well as logging, and modelling, the telemetry data they record. Whilst here I rebuilt this application using Angular 1.5, ES6 JavaScript (some jQuery) and SCSS (following BEM) as well as some backend/API development in Python (Flask). More recently I started to implement new features using Angular 2 and TypeScript and had planned to rebuild the whole app on this stack in the next development cycle.

Front-end Developer

Encore8 months

Skill-set: JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS (via BEM) Encore makes booking theatre, attraction and live music tickets simple. I was working here as a Front End Developer on their white label ticket selling platform. Serving 40+ domains. I was 1 of 2 Front End Developers with additional duties in PHP/Drupal development. Using HTML5 CSS3/SCSS native Javascript along with Jquery front end development tools such as node gulp and ruby.

Front-end Developer

The FA1.5 Years

Skill-set: JavaScript, JQuery, Angular framework HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Sitecore, Google API Brought in to implement and complete redesign on 2 projects on Namely 'Get Involved' and 'Ticketing'. Applied accessibility standards throughout the domain and global components for their Sitecore CMS. unsupervised research and development, UX and accessibility standards implementation. Adaptive and responsive mobile ui development, refactoring of css / sass. Google API integration. Social network integration.

Front-end Developer

Works Digital2.5 Years

Skill Set: Javascript, Jquery, HTML/CSS3, Mobile UX, B2B Marketing Building B2B sites using a variety of front-end skills. Web apps and Mobile web apps using phonegap. CMS Web software development. Email campaigns to Litmus standard. Building mobile rich-media adverts to be displayed on a variety of smartphones and feature phones. Some facebook API, Working alongside designers towards delivering feasible eye catching UX on mobile and desktop. The rich media, including video and animated sequences, has to work independently of the page it is loaded within and adapt to screen size and orientation, touch and native OS features.

Front-end Developer

Works Digital6 months

Skill Set: JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3. Building multimedia/multi-platform solutions regarding video and ecommerce on pc/mobile environments. Using Native JavaScript, JQuery and Dojo frameworks for creative and complex interfaces. Much of the role was to exploit the new capabilities of HTML5 canvas and audio/video, emulate previous flash version of websites to work on iPod/iPad/iPhone/Android devices. This required in-depth knowledge of browser technologies and compatibilities. Being able to detect and adapt the delivery according to the clients-side capabilities. Work closely with designers and creative to achieve feasible user experience.

Web Developer

PRIAM software8 months

Skill Set: my full range of skills as stated above. Working on a proprietary CMS web software system called Appease. Creating new module features and designing customer interfaces to aid website design and content management. This role has increased my skills in JavaScript coding particularly in jQuery and mootools plugin creation. Data manipulation and interface design. PRIAM exercise an agile development environment with TDD unit testing. I work in a team of 4 software developers, in an agile environment using a full range of web dev skills including PHP, JavaScript html css most of which went through a unit testing procedure. The application is an MVC framework (zend) and the interface is developed using jquery. I also write a lot of native javascript to compensate for cross-browsers conflicts jquery cannot handle. For larger installations that are load balanced across multiple servers I maintain and develop scripts to manage the implementation of newly developed innovations to the application. Daily use of Linux server software and web server configuration including native MySQL, .htaccess, redirect scripts and sftp.

Freelance Web Developer

Zookee Media1.5 Years

Skill Set: my full range of skills as stated above. Worked through various agencies on short term contracts usually to enhance or maintain functionality on various php driven websites. Diversified into selling electronics online and through small retail outlet which has now been wound up.

Web Developer

Newsquest Media Group3.5 Years

Skill Set: Flash / PHP, MySQL, Action script, XML, PERL, XHTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Linux / Apache. Part of a team responsible for all websites relating to Newquest's paper publications. They are the second largest local news publisher in the country. I develop web applications for websites such as, and and other related websites. My main duties are to write modules for the companies internal web publishing framework, modules additions throughout went through a TDD unit testing procedure. Journalists relate new and interesting features they would like to have on their various websites and I develop these applications. A good example of this would be the Scottish elections earlier in 2007. where I developed a flash application that showed the outcome of the Scottish parliament elections. Journalists were able to update it as the results came in and users had an up-to-date feature showing data in number and graphics how the election unfolded. This was a highly successful project and it did draw increasing numbers to the website. I was the lead developer on this project.

Freelance Web Developer

Shadowless Productions2.5 Years

Skill Set: PHP, MySQL, Flash / ActionScript 2/3, XML, PERL, XHTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Linux / Apache. Acquired many customers in the music industry who wanted websites with multimedia and e-commerce capabilities. I have since developed a library of modules that can be added and modified to what would be your average ecommerce/multimedia websites. A lot of my clients want rich media content and supply me with their promotional videos on DVD, which I rip and compress to a suitable state for web streaming. Some editing using Adobe Premier, Sorenson Squeeze and other video mastering software including XL Cleaner, Adobe After Effects

Web Developer

The Ocean Works6 months

Skill Set: PHP, MySQL, XML, PERL DHTML, JavaScript, Flash/Action script. Built holiday home brochure solution for client. With specific functionality. User Login system and advert placement utility. Various search mechanism and customizations for users to configure.

Web Developer

Collective Digital Media6 months

Skill Set: PHP, MySQL, ASP, PERL, XML, Flash/Action Script, DHTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, Joomla Built e-commerce solutions for a variety of clients. Tidying up back end code and bug fixing previously built websites adding functionality etc. This included admin area: CMS and stock evaluation, links management and ecommerce data handling. Compressing client video content for suitable web streaming from supplied DVD. Some graphic design.

Web Developer

Muzik Links Ltd7 months

Skill Set: ASP, SQL, DHTML, and JavaScript. Primarily built intranet system for logging client information. Calendar system and reporting module. Developed e-commerce shopping cart for selling CD's.

Web Developer

Alive Studios Ltd3 months

Skill Set: PHP / MySQL, DHTML, HTML, JavaScript Developed and updated a number of bespoke websites to include ecommerce administration and CMS. Reskinned html templates and ported some CGI from PERL to PHP.

Web Development Trainer

Voluntary 2 Years

Skill Set: HTML/JavaScript, ASP, PERL CGI. I.T. trainer for voluntary project. Teaching teenagers the basics in web design and development.

Web Developer

Global Beach1.5 Years

Skill Set: HTML, JavaScript, Flash/Action script, ASP, PERL, PHP Worked on many blue chip URLs, utilising just about all of my core skills. Developing both front and backend systems. Worked on Press resource site where users can login and obtain multimedia content for licensed use. Maintained SQL Server stored procedures for mobile communications system. Also updated static pages for whilst building a CMS system with language support.

Web Developer

DNA Ltd2 Years

Skill Set: HTML, JavaScript, Flash/Action script, ASP, PERL, PHP Worked on blue chip company domains, hand coding HTML learning PHP, ASP and PERL. Set up interactive mail forms.