Software Architect


A positive, proactive and dynamic professional with over 10+ years of track record of success in Software/System (Enterprise) Architecture, Change management, High Tech, Banking systems with extensive hands on experience in High Performance / (Distributed and Parallel processing) systems, (Web) Service(s) Oriented architecture, Full Cycle Database Design and Development, Enterprise Data mining/Big Data, Software Development, Hardware, High Speed/Throughput Networking, load balancing and internet routing, LAN/WAN, Systems Programming and IT & Project Management. Quick to familiarize himself with cutting edge technologies and developments with the aim of improving functionality, usability and security in accordance with business requirements. Possesses excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with clients, third party vendors and senior executives alike. A motivational and inspirational manager with international experience of leading multi-skilled project teams who thrives in highly pressurized and challenging working environments. Key skills: • Java SE,EE,ME/JavaScript • C/C++/C# (Boost, STL etc) • .NET 1,2,3,3.5,4, 4.5 • BASIC/VB6/VB.NET • XML/XSD/XSLT/SOAP • Isilon(EMC),BlueArc(HDS) • MSSQL0-12MySQL/Percona • Business Intelligence • MS Project Server Enterprise • Win Azure-HDins,DB,net,web • Cisco Routers/switches • LAN/WAN/NAS/SAN/FIBER • XHTML/HTML5/CSS3 • NoSQL, MongoDB, Riak, • Oracle/DB2/MySQL/Sybase • Hadoop-Pig,Hive,Sqoop • Quantum/Overland/IBM/Sun • SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, MDX • Enterprise Server Clustering • NetApp,3Par,Ion • MetalRay/Maya/Shake/3dMax • FEA/Zachman/TOGAF/Gartner • TCP/UDP sockets/IP stack • SharePoint/MOSS 2007/10 • Force10/CISCOrouters/switches • Enterprise VPN/Aggregation • ASP/ASPX/AJAX/XAML/XBAP • Allegro, Virtuoso, Terracotta • Linux/Unix/RHEL/SGI • Visual Studio 03-2013 • TFS05-12/Sub/CVS • NIS/XFS/CIFS/WFS/NTFS/DFS • Windows/Unix/Linux(x32/x64) • Exchange 00-2013+UC • W*F(WCF,WPF, WWF, WIX) • Distribution/Clouds/Virtualization • Agile/TDD/Extreme • Flame/Inferno/Avid • Fortinet/Cisco firewalls • DNS/DHCP/AD/LDAP/SMTP • Nodejs/MVC/Xamarin/HTML5 • Azure - cloud, PAAS, BizTalk

Key Skills
  • Java SE,EE,ME
  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • .NET
  • VB6
  • VB.NET
  • XML

Work Experience

Lead enterprise cloud architect

Bold Rocket / FNFIS 3 Years

• Develop the High Level Design and Low Level Design for the first in Europe and second largest in the world cloud based retail banking platform, in parallel with transitioning the legacy systems to a new agile and on demand model as part of large scale program enterprise-wide; • Evaluate prototype and define the scale tests, parameters and architectural framework in order to implement true Infrastructure as a Service compatible with VmWare, AWS and Azure Enterprise; • Actively establish close development relationship with VmWare, AWS, F5, Puppet and Azure to best utilize the platforms, leading to numerous improvements in the products and aligning the architecture to the best use case; • Evangelize and actively aligning development to the best use of infrastructure and newest techniques to reach unpresented levels of synergy and reliability. In full production the system can scale up and down and lose any set of servers without affecting the services to end user and data custody. To ensure that Chaos Monkey is permanently enabled for all stages especially development; • True turnkey parallel automation of from cold start to working platform without human intervention, including but not limited to smoke tests, flags, semaphores and self-healing; • Manage executive communication expectations conveying reality (good or bad) to best manage the overall programs goals; • Enterprise Security strategy both ACL and data flows. Extensive and in-depth work with F5 cloud offer. Above and beyond minimum regulated with proactive approach Key Achievements • Transform the idea to a design roadmap and walk it to the successful finish line; • Develop and maintain architectural framework to implement TRUE IaaS in highly controlled and regulated environments; • Unparalleled reliability and resiliency capacity; • Turnkey solution allowing for predictable and repeatable behaviors to facilitate development and debugging, while maintaining separation between environment and top regulatory compliance; Largest (to date) real time BIG DATA operation in retail banking in Europe(Vertica, Scala, SQL Server, R).

CTO (Chief System / Software Architect)

SocialSearch LTD12 months

• Develop the idea from rough concepts to a strategic roadmap of clear goals, blueprint for achieving the milestones, and delivering the product-prototype. • Create the Architecture and build the prototype for concept, development and sales in an efficient manner utilizing the newest cutting edge cloud technologies and ideas in Big Data mining. • Establishing the global development pipeline structure allowing for remote freelancers and flexibility to deliver better value for money. • Actively establish and negotiate joint ventures with larger companies, sales efforts and venture capital financing. Key Achievements • Idea to product roadmap. • Establishing development pipeline. • Establish and maintain SLA. • Cloud based distributed Architecture. • Flexible development model. • Multiple successful venture capital pitches Main technologies: .NET, MSSQL, Oracle 11, Azure, CentOS, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, JAVA EE/SE, Hadoop, SharePoint etc.

Head of Systems (Chief System / Software Architect)

c19 INC12 months

• Establish from the ground up the technology operation of the company: development pipeline, infrastructure, platform base, project management, testing and delivery, all the while keeping existing commitments to clients and maintaining functionality per SLA. • Re-engineer the development prototype to allow mass production, customizations and versatility all the while maintaining the core idea and where possible the development effort. • Simplify and rationalize the algorithms to allow for streamlined operation and mass production of the application all the while maintaining a high level of customization to meet clients’ needs. • Establish the systems and software enterprise roadmap train the development engineers and manage its day to day operation. • Lay the foundation for neuronet predictive data-mining utilizing the cutting edge of technology. Key Achievements • Establish engineering pipeline and consistent development effort. • Adapt and implement cloud-based hosting to decrease hosting costs over 800%. • Establish Consistent Quality Code delivery. • Reach and exceed SLA to clients. • Transform the application from a singleton prototype to mass-produced product, all the while maintaining quality and client customization. Main technologies: nodeJS, .NET, MSSQL, Oracle 11, MySQL, Joyent, CentOS, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, JAVA EE/SE, Hadoop , SharePoint etc.

Chief System / Software Architect / CTO


• Co-founding, creating and establishing technology operation, including but not limited to: software development, infrastructure, project management, implementation etc. Leading operations from the front by maintaining 100% hands on approach and agile development structure to allow faster and better communication and improve quality of development and operation. • Establishing agile development workflow and roadmap for a team of 5+ direct manager reports (senior developers), wider team of 15 junior programmers, 2 I.T. staff, as well as multiple freelancers/subcontractors, as required for specific project(s) both in-house and across international territories as needed for the project execution and completion; allowing for methodology change(Agile, Test Driven, Extreme Prototyping, Feature Driven, Scrum, MSFT etc.) to best suit the problem at hand, all the while maintaining coherence of development cycle. • Lead programmer, architect and driving force for all systems and software in the company, based entirely upon web service technologies, SaaS and web user interfaces to better(seamlessly) integrate multiplatform and multi technology (both proprietary development, off the shelf and integration between on Windows, Linux and Unix) systems/software covering all aspects of companies’ operation. • Architecture and lead the development of Business intelligence systems for Project and company operations’ management to better match resource vs. requirements optimize quality of production and operation, thereby delivering cost-competitive product. Key Achievements • Enabling the company to gain almost immediately a market niche in already crowded market, via SaaS cloud based product. • Establishing development relationships with multiple software and hardware vendors to maintain a position on the cutting edge of technology and align software development roadmap with the most up to date trend in software and systems. • Achieving and exceeding multimillion yearly sales, from the start of the company in the middle of the economic crisis. • Establishing a new business model based on freelancer virtual teams to increase operational efficiency and business profitability. • Establishing technology consulting side of the business. Major Projects • Establishing from the ground up Software and System Development; • Creating from the ground up distributed render management system; • Business intelligence management based workflow for companies operation and continuous improvement; • Continuously plan, execute and ensure future scalability and plan fail over capabilities and technical/business continuance strategy for the company; • Cloud based system infrastructure implementation. Main technologies: .NET, MSSQL, Oracle 11,RedHat, CentOS, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, JAVA EE/SE, SharePoint etc.

Chief System / Software Architect


• Creating, establishing and driving the company architecture and long term strategic plan for software development and systems infrastructure. Leading software development, system implementation, operations and upgrades, all the while maintaining 100% hands on involvement in all aspects • Lead programmer, architect and driving force for all systems and software in the company, based entirely upon web service technologies, SaaS and web user interfaces to better(seamlessly) integrate multiplatform and multi technology (both proprietary development, off the shelf and integration between on Windows, Linux and Unix) systems/software covering all aspects of companies’ operations including, production, project management and accounting for the LA headquarters and international branches along with outsourcing/subcontracting companies worldwide. • Globally responsible for, directing and managing, including, but not limited to, enterprise architecture, infrastructure, operations, production pipelines, staff planning, competency vs. workload balancing, client interaction and project setup/delivery etc. • Architecture, manage and drive unified enterprise level security strategy for software, development and infrastructure: all enterprise Windows, Linux and Unix services in main facility, branches and offsite including complete management system for all services throughout the facility, automatic recovery, user creation, authorization, permission control and integration with the seven pre-existing systems for project management, timesheets, accounting, scheduling tracking, data synchronization, human resources etc. • Utilizing the most appropriate methodologies to establish, manage, coordinate and implement the internal software/ systems development and company projects lifecycle across dispersed locations including Agile, Test Driven, Extreme Prototyping, Feature Driven, Scrum and MSFT • Architecture and lead implementation of project/element Business Intelligence searching and tracking capability for all content on Storage and online thereby ensuring maximum reusability based on advanced algorithm database mining for more than 75+ PetaBytes of active archives on DLT(Quantum, Overland, NetVault, NetBackup, Tivoli). Designing and implementing 3.5 Terabit “meshed” backbone and Gig E hardware overall performance to end user switching fabric, to establish the foundations for the company facilities based on Force 10 Networks, Cisco Systems, Fortinet, Extreme networks equipment • Responsible for the day to day operation of geographically dispersed facilities comprising 2,000 (expandable on demand 5000+) base server nodes and 3000+ users with fully integrated cross system between Windows, Linux(Red Hat) and Unix • Responsible for developing backup and disaster recovery plans for the facility to enable optimum efficiency of operations and the production pipeline for over 3 active + 4 offline PetaBytes Storage(Net App, Isilon, BlueArc etc) Key Achievements • Enabling the business to become one of the leading technical organizations in the industry, evidenced by multiple awards including Emmiys, VFX society etc, through the creation, development and management of the strategic architecture plan mainly for software development and systems(unified production pipeline), offering unmatched versatility against competition, all the while insuring continuity, scalability and resilience over geographically and team dispersed operations in precarious economic conditions • Successfully winning high budget jobs in competition with much larger organizations as a direct result of operational efficiency, technical expertise in software development, unmatched software and system performance capability, with key wins including Sony, Microsoft, EA, Industrial Light & Magic and Universal Studios • Utilizing cutting edge technology and proprietary data-mining systems in the establishment of a development and support pipelines to optimize staffing division and companywide (planning, workload, turnover etc), helping to minimize the impact of economic changes • Creating and improving relationships with multiple software and hardware vendors to facilitate the development of features as needed by company’s growth and requirements. Input in features and implementation in the release versions of major enterprise software including Exchange 2007, SQL Server 2005/2008, Autodesk Maya, ,Force 10 networks, Aspera, Microsoft etc • Developing versatile business process software/systems enabling a switch between projects and requirements in just a few hours and therefore reducing costs of execution and operation, achieving unmatched business agility • Creating and establishing unified cross system platform enabling optimal licensing to software performance and reducing costs by 60% for purchasing new licensing • Personally responsible for the vision, design, implementation, management and operations of all data centres/systems for the company from the ground up across all locations • Adopting a revolutionary way of disaster proofing all system facilities to decrease operational and staffing costs by over 70% whilst ensuring compliance with environmental and operational standards. • Improved the overall operation of the company production cycle, by virtue of groundbreaking automated storage change synchronization system that manages data globally over WAN VPN, amounting to over 700 TeraBytes of data processed daily and allowing for a completely new way of team organization and collaboration and minimize/liquidate delays due to geographical restrictions. Major Projects • Develop from the ground up Software and Systems Development at Zoic, which is the core of company’s operation and growth internationally and establishing itself as a leader and reference in the High Tech and VFX fields, both in technology, projects and organization • Architecture, design and lead the Render management distributed parallel processing system for production, monitoring and control of renders MSSQL (DBEngine, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), MySQL and web/application services(IIS/Apache) to seamlessly integrate workload over heterogeneous OS and software systems requirements per project • Developing an integrated client management communication system based on Aspera Web, Isilon cluster and SQL Server to synchronize large files and directly involve clients in production through a high security web based application compatible with every system available including, but not limited to, Windows, Windows Mobile, MacOS, IPhone etc. • Leading the implementation of SQL Server 2005/08 Enterprise Distributed Clusters interconnected with an IIS/Apache clusters to support high availability Intranet (as common interface to entire production and operation of the company) and maintaining 24h/365d mission critical operations/services for the enterprise across all offices an subcontractors across encrypted internet connection • Leading the design, architecture and implementation of ground-breaking client interfacing/management system that allows real-time collaboration with clients on work in progress thereby decreasing significantly the review and overall delivery time of projects and services. This allowed to expand the portfolio and scope of work done by the company and venture in new territories that would not be possible without live client collaboration. • Developing an integrated pipeline process management system to enable content to be managed, searched, backed up and restored with minimal effort and maximum reusability of work for over 3 storage, 4 offline and 27 PetaBytes archives • Continuously plan, execute and ensure future scalability and plan fail over capabilities and technical/business continuance strategy for the company • Infrastructure and network implementation spanning continents interconnecting in real time all offices of the company allowing for seamless execution of all types of projects by teams comprised by geographically distant members in real time.

Second Architect / Lead Administrator


• Advanced research and Development of Distributed Systems and large scale Infrastructure. • Hands on Experience in architecture and implementation Enterprise level integrated Paperless system for the New Hospital operation (44 sqr blocks campus. First entirely paperless project of its kind). • Continuous involvement as honorary advisor to UAB Computer Science Department and Advisory Board of UAB Hospital trustees. • Advanced relationships with development with large software developers and integrators such as Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Sun etc. Key Achievements • Designed and developed along with IBM core operations database (2000 nodes). Real time control and key operation integration for all systems on the hospital campus. • Advanced research multiple credits in systems and hardware development across multiple vendors. • Hands on experience of large scale implementation in a continuous mission critical operation environment.

Owner / System Administrator


• Establishing and managing the restaurant, market and online shopping website as well as developing the integrated cashier system and the operation supervision software • Managing a team of 20 members of staff and motivating them towards the delivery of exceptional customer service standards Key Achievements • Driving the business forward to achieve yearly sales of more than $5 million • Successful developed and franchised the chain over USA with market penetration to NYC.

System Administrator


• Hands on experience in System Administration of large scale distributed network. • Lead integration team member for new systems and software support over 35 countries / project sites worldwide. • Process control and GAP software developer, later on Team Lead.