Business Analyst


An experienced developer/manager with many years experience gained through working with the private/public sector in many countries. Using BASIC, C, COBOL, C++, Fortran and Pascal on a variety of projects ranging from the publishing world to the pharmaceutical with expertise in Business / Systems Analysis and Project Management. TECHNICAL SKILLS Databases Oracle, PL/SQL, Rdb, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2. Design, implementation, administration and performance tuning. Knowledgeable of dispersed data and databases including extract, transform and load techniques. Networking TCP/IP, LAN, WAN, ASDL, DECNET Middleware and Server technologies Apache http, Apache Tomcat, PKI technology using SSL. Computer Languages Well versed in both procedural and object-oriented languages – COBOL, C, Fortran, Pascal, Basic, C++, C#, Java, Python, Ruby Operating systems Linux - various flavours, VMS, Windows (DOS 3.1 through to Windows 10), Solaris, AIX, Ultrix Development and support technologies Experience of CMS, Eclipse, Git, Svn, Rpm, Visual Studio 2010/2013/2015 Spoken and written languages. English mother tongue, with good French, some Flemish and German

Key Skills
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Databases
  • Networking
  • Middleware

Work Experience

Business Analyst

Alpharooms3 months

Working in this travel industry business, evaluating the internal security of their software development environment in an environment that uses SVN, Java, SQL in a mainly Windows environment (XP, Windows 7, 2008/2012 Server)

Business Analyst

Self Employed 10 Years

Working on an informal basis doing a number of jobs including building computers, managing and letting apartments/houses, designing software and networking properties. During this period I was responsible for the letting, on-going maintenance and management (including rent collection) of seven buildings, with an average of 5 apartments per building. This comprised of the advertising (for sale and rent), the legal rental requirements (of Belgium), the arrangement and management of local contractors to correct problems (of the building fabric) and general maintenance, and dealing with the tenants on a day-to-day basis. This was also a period of on-going PC maintenance, repair and software design which included both specialist one-off builds and off-the-shelf purchases. It also included networking – building and maintenance – and computer security and recovery.

Business Analyst / Developer

Proximus2.5 Years

Responsible for the development of the GUI, designing the interface with feedback from the users, and interfacing with the Marketing department to ascertain requirements for the development of their be-spoke billing system using both procedural and object-oriented languages. Extensive use of SQL. Design, coding and testing of their billing system and graphical user interfaces. Extensive use of COBOL and C++ together with Oracle databases. Working in Belgium with client meetings held in Flemish, French and English.


Buena Vista12 months

Implementation of a stock control / billing system. Developed in Munich for a Finnish off-shoot of this Disney company.

Business Analyst / Programmer

Cable & Wireless5 months

Analyst / programmer working as part of a team enhancing their worldwide telecommunications billing software, compliant under ISO9000 and supporting their existing systems. The software was primarily for use in the Caribbean. Using COBOL and SQL. Acting as 2nd and 3rd line support.

Business Systems Analyst / Programmer

Pfizer2.5 Years

Designing and supporting their clinical trial planning and reporting systems. Designing and maintaining their clinical trial databases, using SQL, Rdb and Fortran. Working in both Sandwich, Kent and Groton, Connecticut, U.S. of A.

Business Systems Analyst / Programmer

AMS Ltd3 months

Assisting in an upgrade of a PRISM telephone billing system, on-site for a Portuguese mobile telephone company. The products used were TDMS, ACMS and COBOL on a DBMS/RMS datastore.

Systems Analyst / Developer

Tyson Inc12 months

Working for this major American firm supporting a Rally application with BASIC and Pascal supporting programs and Business Analysis for their Transportation division, including impact analysis of the introduction of satellite communications systems for their 700 trucks. The intended system was to run on an RS6000 (IBM Unix) using AIX and Sybase as the database server, and Windows NT PCs as clients.

Programmer / Business Analyst

DoSW3 months

Working with their programming team to upgrade the Social Welfare department’s management of their social welfare program, using ACMS, Cobol, Rdb and Decforms.

Business Analyst / Programmer

BRS2 months

Contract work assisting automation of their in-house adaptation of their accountancy package, using DCL, Basic and Datatrieve.


Various12 months

Consultancy projects involving PCs, MicroSoft Access, C++ and various PC tools for hotels and small businesses.

Project Manager / Architect

Digital UK1.5 Years

A Human Resources project to handle the international nature of this company where the line manager might not be in the same country as the employee. Design of the Technical Architecture, design and coding of a particular module within that architecture, with responsibility of selection of the tools to be used for the implementation of this European wide client/server open platform tool. Dealing with stakeholders at a European level. Responsible for staff direction and control. Responsible for database design (logical and physical). Responsible for staffing. Responsible for direction and project planning and all aspects of technical project delivery. Development carried out on a local cluster using DEC proprietary products (ACMS, C, DCC+, Rdb, Decforms and Pascal).

Analyst / Programmer

Digital France1.5 Years

Consultancy for a personnel Resource Planning Tool using Rally, Rdb and Pascal. Technical and user support.

Business Analyst / Programmer

Digital UK12 months

Working in Reading and Solent, designing and building an internal system for sales recognition using Pascal and Rdb. Database design both logical and physical.

Systems/Business Analyst

Consultancy12 months

Various consultancy projects dealing with stakeholders from Managing Directors to Programmers. Various activities such as hotel services, stock control and accountancy.

Analyst / Programmer

Longman International12 months

Contract work for their Text Processing Unit, completing system analysis and system tuning and project design and implementation of their internal Corpus building and concordance analysis using SMG, Basic and RMS. Designing the graphical user interface.

Systems Analyst / Programmer

M.I. Group 5 months

Contract work for their information services department, involving analysis and design for their new business and underwriting departments. Using TDMS, CDD, RDU, RMU, FDU and Basic. Also upgrading their old systems to include greater functionality and for greater ease of maintenance.

Systems Analyst

Digital UK1.5 Years

Contract work dealing with their internal software development group (ADG) to provide a management reporting database including Functional specification, Design Approach and Design specification production. Designing of the database and coding the system using Rdb, CDD+, RDO, RDML, DMU, Datatrieve, Focus, DMU, and Pascal.