Business Architect / Analyst


I am an experienced, client facing, Business Architect and Senior Business Analyst with demonstrable skills and team leadership in major programmes within the financial organisations as well as consultancies both in the UK and abroad. Adopting a “hands on” approach to the development and use of Business Architecture and business analysis techniques, through to Target Operating Models, by providing frameworks, governance and methodology that facilitate the capture of all the components within the business i.e.Customer, Processes, Organisations, Locations, Data, Applications and Technologies, bringing new insights and capability within Organisations. A skilled Process Analyst with vast experience in all levels of process modelling, controls and architecture. • Agile experience with compilation of user stories, acceptance criteria, scrums within the future of payments sector (Digital Wallet). • Leveraging industry recognized standards and practices. The framework and methodology I employ leads to a single unified solution, which meets the needs of different types of strategic initiatives, from Business Change, Transformation, to Risk & Compliance Management and results in high client satisfaction. • Lead and trained business analysts / teams as well as acted in a mentoring capacity to develop team skills and produce standards required to meet business challenges. • Represented consulting companies such as IBM (Australia), EDS (Australia), Siemens Nixdorf and worked alongside Price Waterhouse Coopers, Deloitte's, Accenture and Ernst & Young in major programmes. Business Analysis / Process Skills • Team Leader and Manager - Mentoring of Business Analysts • Process Standards & Governance / Notation Standards / Policy Adherence and Quality Assessment • Procedure Capture / Procedure Template construction. • ID&V, Access Controls, Authorisation & Authentication • Problems - Root Cause Analysis and Remediation • SLDC - Phases and understanding • Mapping Templates and Tools / BA governance and alignment to Corporate framework • Target Operating Models & Current Operating Model Mapping • Process mapping at all levels of decomposition, re-engineering, design and documentation • Requirements elicitation, • Stakeholder Management • Business Process Reengineering (LEAN/Six Sigma) • Risk Management & Controls aligned to business processes • Validator in Software processing - Testing & Validation • Wireframing & Navigation

Key Skills
  • Business Analysis
  • TeamBusine Leader
  • Stakeholder Management

Work Experience

Business Architect / Analyst

Williams & Glynn 12 months

Working within the Central Attestation Team, my assignments covered: E2E Product / Process Mapping at L2 & L3 levels. The decomposition of processes to ensure the full coverage of all critical and non critical business processes-includes interaction with all business areas in workshops. Ensuring through workshops that the new & current products were aligned to the target market - achieved through business user interactions and current and proposed customer journeys. This mapping over a period of 3-4 months, using half and whole day workshops and involving all capability areas of the bank produced a signed and agreed mapping as required to deliver both attestation and artifacts for the proposed new bank. Regulatory/Risk – Risk Controls and procedures that support the E2E mapping. TOM Work stream deliverables to stand-up the W&G bank – extracted from each work stream’s project plans Cross Programme deliverables covering all workstreams. Test Readiness / Cutover Readiness / Implementation/ Customer Journeys matricies. Working across multiple work streams to deliver the artefacts that would allow the W&G bank to function independently TOM - Day 1 Operating model - High Level in conjunction with IPD Work stream TOM which depicted the key attributes (People / Process/ Tech) TOM validation with individual work streams as well as PWC and Accenture (3rd parties) TOM testing workshops Acting as the lead POC between Accenture and PWC consultants to both assure and ensure that the attestation and confirmed readiness is fit for purpose. To drive out the deliverable artefacts, target states, customer journeys and associated risks and controls around new and changed processes, I managed workshops that were attended by all levels within the bank including Account execs, Work stream leads, Specialist banking personnel, both retail and corporate SMEs, Treasury, Front Office and PMA. These half day workshops were structured based on the output to be extracted. E2E Reporting on status of progress to executive committees

Lead Business Analyst

BARCLAYS3 months

• Produced the Gate 0 Project Document (PID) • Engagement with Fraud Strategy (Sponsor) and Risk Mgt to obtain key objectives for project scope • Defined Problem statement • Root Cause Analytics on Fraud / Risk produced Management Information - assurance that the complaints handling and resolution were streamlined from an ID&V position • Produced HL Solution Options for discussion • Produced Level 3 Process Maps (Target) in conjunction with the SMEs • Engaged with business areas to elicit requirements • Facilitated Fraud Strategy Solutions workshops to agree appropriate solutions Methodology and Tools: Enterprise Architecture & Visio BPMN

Lead Business Analyst

BARCLAYS 12 months

• Engagement with 3rd Party Software House (Misys) to outline the concept model and deliver a Tactical solution for Release 1. (Departmental Limits) • Engagement with Misys TI+ – MGR and Polaris - Funds Control (for strategic solution) Conceptual and Strategic model delivered according to the contextual model put together. • Work accomplished: Delivery of R1 Limits Requirements – Acted as part of the Taskforce team in obtaining signoff for package from Misys (Vendor) in conjunction with Barclays business teams (Ops/Product/RiskGov/Fraud/ MO/Coverage) including Risk Governance and Operational Risk • Engaged with Misys in JAD and sign off sessions on the TI+ package which included: • Limits Work package deliverables: Process Mapping using Rational (RRC) – Re-engineering of Processes on Limits module • The design and delivery of this new product application was conducted together with Misys externally through numerous workshops and delivered both the tactical and strategic views. • KYC and AML Processes – Working with business SME’s to understand the building blocks of KYC / AML processes • Worked with Technical team to ensure that KYC / AML processes were incorporated into ID& V fraud system management – across funds transfers / customers / accounts and networks • Traceability of requirements analysis – using Rational Rose Tools Methodology and Tools: Rational & Visio Pro – Modelling produced at 2 levels (for Capabilities impacted and level 3 E2E mapping to show all interactions/controls)

Lead Business Analyst

VISA EUROPE 12 months

Set up the process modelling standards, notation, stencils, templates and objects for the process mapping of the entire service work stream which impacted all capabilities. The model was examined and utilised by Visa Europe. • As part of the delivery, I managed a team of 11 business analysts (including 4 permanent secondments) to deliver the service for the Digital Wallet • Assured that the Product Proposition statements were adhered to by the analysis team and the service representatives. • Initiated and engaged with Business Architects to produce the Value Chain & Capability Impact Maps in conjunction with all stakeholders. (Business Area Architecture / TOM dimensions – Operating Units / Locations /Data / People/ Technology) • Facilitated Process workshops - produced straw-man processes / produced detailed processes (3 levels including Procedures) and obtained signoff on processes (Wallet Provider / iPSPs/Acquirer/ Merchants/ Consumers) • Liaison with the Technical team to ensure that the acceptance criteria of the service teams were considered in the design. • Embedded Risk and Fraud requirements into the processes. • Organised and facilitated workshops with stakeholders and SMEs to design changes to existing processes and define new processes Documented requirements for new and changed tools & reports to support business process optimisation (Lean process improvement) • Provided support to Visa Training teams. Liaised with stakeholders and suppliers both internal and external Methodology and Tools: Produced Methodology Standards, Notation and templates to support all modelling techniques used. iServer BPMN with EPC at high level to facilitate understanding with Business Units. Mapping done in Visio Professional

Senior Business Analyst

RBS 12 months

• HL Target Operating Model (TOM) - RBS (London) for Divestment • E2E modelling depicting areas of impact and movement of customers from business to commercial. • Low level modelling of impacted assets - How these assets were to be flagged and pooled. • Transfer of assets into defined buckets for treatment • Governance and structure of target Operating model (TOM) / Process Methodology Framework / Enterprise Tool selection process / Template design • Business Modelling methods and standards / Architectural Content Framework / Process Decomposition Framework / Process Classification framework / Organisation Model • This strategic project targeted leaner processes to deliver business & commercial benefits • Workshop facilitation, leading to requirements elicitation (business , functional and non-functional), documentation, process modelling / mapping, capturing “As-Is” processes, identify “To-Be” processes and generating a gap analysis as a result • Organising and facilitating workshops with Subject Matter Experts to identify and remove waste from processes, using Lean methodologies • Delivery of all Artefacts required into Enterprise repository • Methodology and Tools: ARIS Toolset with EPC templates (incorporating • BPMN standards)

Business Process Analyst


• Produced the business analysis governance & standards for the programme. Produced the modelling standards and templates for use by all business analysts on the project. Worked with the development of the Target / Entity & Functional Operating models for the business. • Transition Work packages Processes that will effectively separate NRAM (Northern Rock Asset Mgt) from Northern Rock Bank. • Methodology and Tools: ARIS Toolset with EPC templates (incorporating • BPMN standards)

Lead Business Process Analyst

TESCO BANK12 months

• Lead Process analyst on the E2E GI processes for Sales, Renewals and Retention. • Engaged with CDL team in Stockport to ensure that Tesco Processes, workflow and aggregation were aligned. MI captured and used onsite in Stockport offices. • Finance Target Operating Model – Assurance of model in conjunction with Deloitte staff. • Produced E2E Process Mapping (Levels 1,2,3,4) and reengineering of processes that cover GI Finance Ops, Central Finance, GI Claims and Posting to Oracle Sys GL • Data Capture / Wire Frames for redesign of CSC application. • Screen Data Capture & Validator functionality • Methodology and Tools: Visio BPMN - produced Templates and Stencils put together by myself • for the project as well as provided QA on E2E models • Business Analyst on Sales, Renewals & Retention • Providing assurance that a testing plan and objectives were adequate and fit for purpose