Senior Software Engineer


I have 12 years of software development experience working in advertising, social media, ecommerce, fleet management and waste management industries. I've led teams and designed entire products from scratch. Key strengths include Agile techniques, systems architecture, feature design and estimation, scalability & performance and full stack development. C# (10+ years), Javascript (7 years), Microsoft Sql Server (10+ years), nHibernate (8 years), Angular JS (3 years), Node.js (2 years), React.js (1 year), Elastic Search (1 year), Redis (3 years)

Key Skills
  • C#
  • Javascript
  • Microsoft Sql Server
  • nHibernate
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • Redis

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

GroupM 2.5 Years

GroupM is the parent company of the WPP advertising agencies: Mindshare, MEC, MediaCom and Maxus. The system I worked on is responsible for over 1 Billion GBP of digital bookings per year, coordinating with publishers, and trafficking ad placements to 3rd party ad servers such as Google. Tech: Javascript, react.js, angular.js, jasmine, mocha, Sinon.js, Html 5, CSS, Nunit, protractor (node.js), git, grunt, Redis, Elasticsearch, Azure MQ, New Relic, C#, MS SQL Server 2012/2008 R2, ASP.Net MVC 4 & Web API 2, nHibernate, Entity-Framework, Castle.Windsor, Visual Studio 2015/13, .Net 4.0, Resharper, TFS, Team City, Octopus Key Achievements: • Lead the development of major features including: a rewrite of the reconciliation process, redesign of search and dashboards, migration between financial systems, switch over of google trafficking apis and many more. • Introduced React.js to improve front-end performance and reduce state related bugs. • Lead a refactor of large angular controllers into smaller, self-contained directives. • Increased performance 3x on the backend through introducing Redis and Elasticsearch, and improving poorly performing SQL queries. • Reduced a large support backlog to a handful of issues though a strong focus on quality development practices including code reviews, testing and close engagement with the support team.

Senior Software Engineer

Nurph 10 months

- is startup that provides tools for organising and participating in twitter chats. Tech: node.js, javascript, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, handlebars, underscore, jasmine, coffeescript, postgress, Redis, pusher, Heroku,, Git, Github, New Relic, airbrake, sentry Key Achievements: • Developed a chat replay feature allowing users to re-watch chats as if they were live. • Rearchitected the messaging service (node.js) and front-end client (javascript); drastically increasing reliability and reducing the number of messages per day from over 1,000,000 to fewer than 250,000. All the while the site grew 10x. • Reduced the site (Ruby on Rails) response time from over 1,200ms to under 300ms. • Increased reliability by introducing extensive unit tests for the web frontend. sgfleet - Sydney, Australia (Contract - 01/2013 - 05/2013) - sgfleet is a multinational car fleet management company. I worked on the Fleet Intelligence project that provided information on how vehicles were used across a large fleet, such as millage, running costs, fines and repairs. Tech: C#, Javascript, knockout.js, jQuery, MS SQL Server 2008 R2, ASP.Net MVC 3, WCF, WIF, Entity-Framework, Html 5, CSS, Nunit, Nant, Ninject, AutoMapper, Subversion, Visual Studio 2010, .Net 4.0, Resharper, XML/XSLT/XSL-FO Key Achievements: • Built a fully featured web reporting system (to replace the use of crystal reports) capable of: pagination, aggregation, grouping, sorting, filtering and excel/pdf export. • Tuned the reporting engine to be capable of running reports on over 1.5 million records in under a second. • Trained and assisted other developers in using the new reporting system.

Senior Software Engineer

silkroute - UK7 months

Silkroute UK managed the online store as part of the Tesco brand. Tech: C#, MS SQL Server 2008 R2, ASP.Net MVC 3, Commerce Server 2007, Endeca, AppFabric Caching, WCF, Javascript, Html 5, jQuery, CSS, Nunit, MSpec, RhinoMocks, MsTask, TFS, Team City, Castle Windsor, Visual Studio 2010, .Net 4.0, Resharper, SCRUM, XML/XSLT Key Achievements: • Prototyped and developed a mobile/responsive version of the website in 8 weeks. • Developed an OAuth secured REST API for use by third parties. • Integrated video trailers into the website.

Lead Developer

WasteLink Ltd5 Years

- Wastelink manages the movement of waste materials for councils and transporters. Previously known as Agenda Systems, the company developed custom software projects. Tech: C#, VB.Net, WinForms, GDI+, Web Services, XML, NHibernate, MS SQL Server 2000/2005, Multithreading, Nunit, RhinoMocks, TDD, Nant, Subversion, Castle Windsor, Ruby, DotTrace Profiler, Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008, .Net 1.1/2.0/3.5, XP/AgileKey Achievements: • Lead and developed an enterprise product from the ground up that is used by over 30 businesses and forms the basis for all of Wastelink's revenue. • Introduced testing and continuous integration techniques, which improved the quality of the product, and lowered maintenance costs.

Senior Software Engineer

tesco.com4 months

The International In-Store project I worked on provided logistical infrastructure to pick and deliver products in eight countries. At the end of my contract IIS went live in Korea Homeplus: Tech: C#, WCF/Web Services, SOA, nHibernate, LINQ to SQL, MS SQL Server 2008, ASP.Net MVC 2, Javascript, jQuery, Nunit, TDD, MsTask, Subversion, TFS, CruiseControl.Net, Ninject + Spring, AutoMapper, Visual Studio 2008/2010, .Net 3.5/4.0, Resharper, SCRUM, XML Key Achievements: • Delivered a new ASP.NET MVC live analytics dashboard project in under 6 weeks. • Introduced performance testing and improved the performance of the core Picking Control application by 4x. • Mentored other developers in the use of nHibernate, Performance Tuning, ASP.Net MVC, javascript and unit testing.

Web Developer/Designer

Various12 months

My experience included: • Grav flat-file CMS • MAMP Pro, Apache, MySQL • Design and development landing pages (html5 templates) • Technical consulting (freelancing) • jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, responsive design • Amazon Web Services (AWS), goDaddy, Heroku • React.js, JSX, Babel • TypeScript, Angular2- (CLI)

UX/UI front-end developer and acting IT project manager

BSI Global Group8 months

Responsibilities My experience included: • Interaction with all stakeholders and with in-house and outsourced developers • Business tasks and user scenarios analysis and user flow development • Wireframes, flowcharts, site maps development • Researches and finding the best UX/UI solutions • Teamwork and collaboration with designers and developers • Preparation of Technical Tasks and Project documentation • QA and control over execution of tasks • Preparation of project reports and presentations for directors and investors • Work with GoDaddy cPanel, Amazon AWS, Heroku, Git, WP CMS, adjustment of DNS servers • Development of small landing pages and html templates with responsive design • Technical support & consulting, development and content management of 12 projects at once • Work under pressure, time management and meeting deadlines Skills Used User scenarios & business tasks analysis, UX/UI design, QA, algorithm development, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Amazon AWS S3, Git, HerokuBelt, GoDaddy cPanel, SalesForce CRM, Zoho CRM, WordPress CMS, Sketch, User Flow charts, data analysis and presentation, Adobe CC (Illustrator, PhotoShop), Keynote, office365, vector graphics, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio Code,, Where I used next technologies & tools: Office online: office365 MOLLIE online payment system MapBox Studio: Google Search Console: Google Analytics: Yandex Metric: Ru-Center. Domain registrator in .ru zone (DNS servers): GoDaddy (PHP/WordPress hosting), Heroku (Ruby on Rails, Java hosting) Amazon Web Services S3: CMS Locomotive (Ruby on Rails): Weather widget API: Currency exchange API (Central Bank of Russia): CallBackHunter: CallBackKiller: ShutterStock: MailChimp (mail distribution): Google Ajax API libs: ReadyMag (publication):

UX/UI Designer

Ever Adventure4 months

Responsibilities Work for an Online Casino. My experience included: • Business Analysis and graphical presentation of information • Research and implementation the best UX approaches • Develelopment attractive UI for Desktop & Mobile • Responsive design with graceful degradation in accordance with the technical requirements • Creation the highest level graphical stuff Skills Used UX/UI design, Wireframes, User Flow charts, data analysis and presentation, PhotoShop, Illustrator, vector graphics, Intellij IDEA.


Purple Media3 months

My experience included: • Development interactive browser based e-learning course for Vodafone • Editing and improving existing interactive browser based e-learning course for Epson • Design of bespoke icons, HTML layouts • Bespoke hand typed styling and layout • Work at the office and from home remotely • Testing html applications on different operation systems (Mac/PC) and browsers Skills Used UX/UI design, prototyping, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Google Dart (DartJS), Bootstrap


Startup company2 months

My experience included: • Wireframes and user flow charts of a website (Illustrator, Axure) • Pictures research and processing • Design of bespoke icons, logo, colour solutions • Interactive prototype (interactive pdf, interactive html prototype using HTML5, CSS3, Google Dart (DartJS), Twitter Bootstrap, Bootstrap-social, Bootstrap-SASS, Compass sass, integration several technologies together) • Slack team work platform, share screen, work in Terminal: Git remote repository, some experience of use Python, Django, Virtualenv on MacOS) Skills Used HTML5, CSS3, interactive pdf, wireframing, prototyping, Google Dart (DartJS), StageXL, Bootstrap

full-time student at LCCA

London College of Contemporary Arts 2 Years

INTERACTIVE MEDIA (GAMING AND APP DESIGN) COURSE. FULL-TIME STUDENT I finished my education on 5th March. I’m still waiting for my Diploma. I passed most of my assignments with distinction (except two assignments with merit). I have shown the great abilities to use contemporary technology in interactive media development and web authoring. My experience included: • Pictures research and processing (PhotoShop) • Wireframes (Illustrator, Balsamiq, Axure) • Interactive prototyping (InDesign, Flash, Axure) • Web authoring (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, jQuery.FancyBox, Adobe Edge Animate, Tumult Hype, Java, Google WebToolkit (GWT), GSAP (GreenSock Animation Platform), TweenLight, responsive web design • UI design and Game development (Flash, AS3, OOP) • 3D modeling and animation (MAYA, MODO) • Motion graphics (Flash, After Effects, Premier Pro), title sequence animation


Portal Trading Ltd3 Years

My experience included: • Java 7 SE (NetBeans IDE, Tomcat and GlassFish server) • Servlets, JSP • Swing & GWT (Google Web Toolkit) • HTML5, CSS, JS, jQuery • Wireframing and user flow charts of websites and java applications • Business analysis and statistics (mean, bounds of range, graphical presentation of information • Implementation of Monte Carlo Theory (statistical forecast) • Integration Java Application with MicroSoft Excel for reports • noSQL database development (using Google appEngine)


Creative i Solutions Ltd9 months

My experience included: • Work in multicultural environment • Preparing files for print, quality check output (Preflighting) • Correction of customers’ mock-ups (Bleed, Total Ink Limit, Colour Profile, colour separation, retouching, inserting amendments into PDF files using PitStop Pro tools, creating vector Spot UV, die cut) • Picture research, scanning, editing and retouching in Photoshop • Design of eye-catching layouts and bespoke print ready mock-ups (flyers, leaflets, booklets, magazines) • Development wireframes, user flow charts and assets for web • Development and update microsites (HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery) • Flash banners (Google AdWords) • Supervision and training other employees • Use bespoke CMS • Upload assets on remote server on aws.Amazon • Assistance in use of CTP (computer to plates) and PREPS imposition software


Imago4 Years

My experience included: • Picture research, editing and retouching in Photoshop • Creating print ready artwork (flyers, leaflets, booklets, catalogs) • Design of tickets for The Russian Theatre • Development Flash banners and simple Flash websites. • Development HTML/CSS bespoke templates • Supervision of few projects at once


BaltHaus12 months

My experience included: • Maintenance of ImageSetter Scitex Dolev 4 • Layout and imposition • Preparing files for print, quality check output (Preflighting of incoming files) • Correction of customers’ mock-ups (Bleed, Total Ink Limit, Colour Profile, colour separation, retouching, inserting amendments into PDF files using PitStop Pro tools, creating vector Spot UV, die cut templates) • Spot Colour separation and making of films (RasterImagingProcessing) • Handmade trapping • PDF files editing, using PitStop Pro tools • Proof-reading • Posters and booklets design • Work in cooperation with leading latvian designers and photographers • Direct dealing with marketing directors & representatives of Panasonic Technics, Candy, Miele, Daewoo Electronics, Deutsche PostBank.


PoliBalts6 Years

• Preparing files for print, quality check output (Preflighting of incoming files) • Technical support on all aspects of artwork production • Proof-reading (Spot color Separations) • Creation of bespoke die cut templates (cutting forms) and new layouts • Design of cartons and labels according to general style • Design of fast-moving consumer goods according to general style • Design & prepress for House of Prince A/S (Scandinavian Tobacco Company - now British American Tobacco) • Design & prepress of all type of alcohol labels for SPI Group (one of the world’s leading drinks companies) • Handmade trapping • Training & supervision new co-workers


Bigg6 months

• Bespoke print design & prepress for "Metro" (Paris) & "Saatchi and Saatchi" branding agencies • Flash banners and simple flash sites


Hop! Magazine6 months

My experience included: • Creation of all templates • Creation of the magazine from the very beginning • Creating eye-catching layouts • Covers design and creation of ads • Picture research, scanning, editing and retouching in Photoshop • Preparing files for print

Full Stack Developer

HomeTree 12 months

Full stack / Senior developer at Hometree Marketplace. A startup funded by some of the UK's best investment houses, aiming to change the home improvements industry by driving energy bills down to zero. As Fullstack Senior dev I owned the entire codebase. Built custom theme for site, based on webflow designs. Worked with UX / UI designer to bring to life Mobile and Tablet responsive front end and backend dashboard experience. Tech Features : Wordpress custom theme, ACF, shortcodes, Gravity forms, Custom register / sign up with auto login, Stripe payments integration, Test driven development, behavioural driven development. Activated Wordpress REST API & REST API for custom fields - for ready CRUD use by Webapps with authentication. Wrote custom bash scripts for quick deployment via terminal, SSH, HTTPS configuration. Setup Github repo and planned workflow with Product Manager, feature / branch focussed development with multiple daily commits Custom Fintech related API integration with Partner API's. Setup of hosting, and staging, dev and production servers. Agile environment, with daily standups and JIRA workflow. Built MVP, and carried out further development towards further series funding. Worked closely with Senior Product Manager, UX Designers & CEO.

Senior Fullstack Developer

Designppl Ltd12 months

Carried out client design consultation meetings • Custom wordpress development • App development for iOS and Android • Designed wireframes for websites in PSD • Converted PSD designs into HTML / CSS / JAVASCRIPT • Setup around 40 Wordpress websites • Collected a library of over 20 plugins for WordPress • Carried out keyword research for clients • Implemented SEO for client websites • Setup website to database connections • Enabled Database to excel export • Managed databases for clients • Some websites I made took, around 20000 hits overnight from National TV

Lead Front End Developer / Full Stack Developer

NESTA 8 months

Responsibilities Attended Project meetings Contributed to Technical Bits at meetings Overlooked Development of Website builds with combined budgets of over £100k UX / UI analysis and feedback to designers Managing Client expectations and leading meetings that bring together Designers, Developers and Project owners. Working towards project deadlines Integrating RESTFUL API's to existing well used CMS systems such as wordpress. Developing custom front end builds for Wordpress CMS - Lampstack Working on snaglists / debugging Desktop / Tablet / Mobile testing UX / UI testing Accomplishments I developed alot on the LAMPSTACK Webflow Rapid Agile Prototyping to Wordpress custom site development for a few large budget tendered contracts. Development responsive front end layouts using bootstrap for PHPBB forums with SQL dumps of over 1gb. Setup AWS EC2 Instance, Elastic IPS, Domain setup and DNS repointing Configured Lampstack and configured MYSQL for wordpress Integrated wordpress with Submittable Application management system on a VIP instance. Skills Used HTML CSS PHP MYSQL JAVASCRIPT JQUERY WORDPRESS WEBFLOW TERMINAL : AWS EC2 SETUP SUBMITTABLE API GOOGLE API'S ADOBE TYPEKIT

Front-End Web Developer / Wordpress Developer

Line Industries12 months

Responsibilities • Provide estimates for Project development schedules • Team collaboration with Designers, Other Senior Developers, Project Managers, Skype calls with Remote Developers • Conversion of Adobe CC : PSD / Fireworks files into clickable HTML’s using Bootstrap to achieve key functionalities and fully responsive layouts using semantic markup. Later worked with Webflow for faster prototyping • Develop custom themes for wordpress builds, custom widgets, plugins,etc. • Wordpress Content API & Sitesuma CMS Content API • Prepare sites for UAT deployment : 1st UAT, 2nd UAT and Final Deployment • Browser test sites : Cross Device/ Cross Platform - using tools such as Browserstack • Optimise code and images before final deployment • Used Caching to increase page loads where needed • Check site speed using Google Pagespeed Insights • Run checks for W3C compliance • Carry out post deployment checks prior to client viewing of site ensuring all feedback is resolved. • Meet with clients to present UAT / Completed websites : Website Key Feature & Functionality Walkthrough • Used IP / GEO Targeting to render content based in IP Address. Tested this using international Proxies • Used Task management system to manage all tasks within a project Worked towards milestones, and updated PM on completed tasks daily • Daily task based commits to SVN Repo • Collaborated with Developers based Nationally Accomplishments • Developed Custom Wordpress Themes From Scratch • Introduced Pre-Development feedback ie. Developer - Designer Catchup to achieve faster development, reduce duplication of tasks. • PHP code libraries : Developed custom code snippets as functions for re-use on projects ie. socialMediaButtons(), frontEndDependancies(), advertisingBanners(), newsFeeds(), rssFeedsImportFromExternalSites(), ipGeoTargetingContent() • API's I have worked with : Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps API • Mobile First : Managed Process Change (MD decided to go with saas called Webflow).I initialized the first integration and since then we have already got 3 projects out faster - resolving responsive issues at prototype stage. • Product Development : Introduced Wordpress Update Maintenance Package. An email which goes out to all Wordpress clients, allowing them to see what the update brings and its importance. Clients had to pat for us to update their sites to ensure nothing breaks. • Developed websites for 2 of Penguin Publishing leading Authors viz. Jo Nesbo(25 million books sold worldwide), Terry Prattchet (80 million books sold worldwide) • Managed maintenance updates for Pearson publishing products • Built Front-End Dashboard for Carrenza Cloud Computing interface using Bootstrap and Javascript graphs & charts • Built in IP / GEO targeting for Author websites in order to render different content based in IP Address.Tested this using international Proxy sites post deployment. • Worked with large MYSQL data imports Skills Used • HTML 5 • CSS 3 • PHP 5 (Object Orientated) • MYSQL : PHP MYADMIN • JAVASCRIPT • JQUERY • API's used • Webflow • Owl Carousel 1 & 2 • Flex Slider • SVN / GIT • FTP • REQUIRE.JS • CHART.JS • VALIDATE.JS • HOVER.CSS • Font Awesome • Adobe CC : Photoshop, Fireworks • Adobe TypeKit • cPanel / Plesk • Wordpress Content API • Custom Wordpress Development • Sitesuma In-House CMS API • Google Maps API • BrowserStack for Cross Browser & Device testing • Sidr : Hamburger Menus Slide up, down, right, left • Debugging Code • Google Inspect Element • Snippet / Widget Development for International Sites Keen to Learn / Currently Learning : • Ruby on Rails • MEAN Stack : Mongo DB, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js • Backbone.js, Ember.js • Facebooks React,js • iOS & Android App Development, Swift

Website Manager / Start-up Project Coordinator

Start-Up Direct2 Years

Start-up Direct is a Direct Delivery Partner of the Start-up Loans Company. A £112 million UK Government backed initiative aimed at promoting and stimulating entrepreneurship in the UK. My duties: • Created company website in WordPress • Updated CRM System, Run CSV extracts and do bulk updates • Used HTML, CSS skills to customise WordPress themes • Meet with entrepreneurs to educate them about the scheme • Check Proof of ID and Address Docs for applicants • Issued legal agreement for applicants to sign, provide phone & email support • Processed 5 to 10 loans daily to our finance partner via online system • Revise application forms and cover sheets on a monthly basis • Contributed to weekly national conference calls with around 70 attendees • Created spreadsheet CRM system that helped us process over 250 loans amounting to £1.3m • Helped fellow colleagues in Marketing and Events to promote the scheme • Spoke at Google Campus to promote the scheme

Website Designer / Database Administrator

Information Edge 12 months

I was in charge of building the main company website and managing the leads database. I worked remotely with marketing teams from other countries. Phase 1: Creation of company website • Worked with marketing teams in Australia, New Zealand & Sri Lanka to outline frame for company website. • Coded static and landing pages using HTML/CSS & jQuery. • Used Wordpress open source system for the company blog. Phase 2: SEO Management • Managed PPC Campaign spend of £200 per day • Develop conversion pages for leads, Coding Javascript for form validation • Used Google On page Analytics to optimize online user experience • Carried out A/B Testing using Google Webmaster tools/Google Experiment • Analyzing Google Analytic's for site wide Optimization • Developing PHP / MYSQL Applications • Implemented Javascript & Jquery.

Data Project Assistant

Credit Control10 months

Worked on Data migration project • Remediated over 13000 client accounts with team of 8 people • Initialised Data De-Duplication • Used Cedar open accounts software to update records • Carried out batch testing on new CRM system to evaluate accuracy • Participated in Business Process Re-engineering project • Analysed Data and complied reports for Senior Project Manager • Prepared Graphs and charts in Excel from data • Created PowerPoint presentation for Board Meeting

Team Administrator

Finance Department6 months

Assisted Accounts payable team • Processing of accounting data onto spreadsheets and Sage line 50 • Matching and Batching of documents • Re-arranged entire filing system at main office • Data Entry

Full-stack developer

Rebel IT 12 months

Key technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, React, Redux, Express, MongoDB, HTML5. Responsible for: - expanding an existing single page application (SPA) written with React and Redux; - writing an API to allow external vendors to connect their software to Rebel IT’s devices.

Backend developer

Eaton Gate Gaming10 months

Key technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, Express, microservices, Docker,, websockets, Redis, MySQL, AngularJS. Worked in a busy team building the backend to an Android and iPhone gambling app called Kwiff. Responsible for implementing new features, fixing bugs and daily briefs. The platform is based on a microservice architecture built with Node.js and heavily making use of websockets. During my stint at Eaton Gate Gaming I soon emerged as the “go-to” developer when subtle bugs turned up or when important design decisions had to be made. I was personally praised by the CEO and the CTO for my skills in several occasions. I saw through several important projects including: • Customer intelligence: Design and implementation from scratch of a microservice that looks in real time into every bet placed by customers and that analyzes betting patterns to find out cheaters and flag high-return punters; the microservice uses Redis as storage, makes use of distributed programming techniques and can easily scale out by simply adding more instances; • Real-time manipulation of bet odds with a set of algebric equations to optimize the company’s margin and ability to fine tune such margin from the internal backoffice; • Implementation of a risk management system in the internal backoffice; • Design and implementation from scratch of one of the main messaging patterns used by all microservices, based on the “Competing Consumers” pattern as outlined in the book “Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture” by Martin Fowler; • Set up, logging and analysis of big data with ElasticSearch, LogStash and Kibana; • Original idea and development of an internal debug/testing tool that the rest of the team ended up adopting and using on an almost day-to-day basis.

Web developer and consultant

Rebel IT3 months

Key technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, AngularJS, KnockOutJs, HTML5. During my time at Rebel IT I worked on the OWL project (, a successfully KickStarter-funded project for designing and building a unique digital music effect device. My responsabilities included the build of a system for transcompiling code written in C++ and other languages into JavaScript (using Mozilla Emscripten), and the use of cutting-edge HTML5 WebAudio APIs to manipulate stereo sound in the browser. I was also in charge of integrating the whole platform in a front-facing website and building a RESTful API to deliver data to users across different platforms. The whole code for this project was released under an open source license.

Web developer and consultant

www.calls9.com2 Years

Key technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, Redis, PHP, MySQL, Symfony 2, Amazon AWS. Designed and built from scratch Nucleus, the flagship product of calls9. Nucleus is a multi-user platform for the content management of mobile apps and websites that features cross-platform digital messaging. Clients can access a dashboard built with Symfony 2 and manage their content. The backend features a REST API built with Node.js and Express. As a contractor, I was in charge of designing the platform from scratch, providing consultancy services, hiring and training permanent staff. Shortly after delivering this product, the company changed its business model which now revolves around Nucleus, and received funding from investors for further development.

Web developer and consultant

Grabble 12 months

Key technologies: PHP, JavaScript, Zend Framework, PhantomJS, Amazon AWS. I designed and built a social shopping website focused on fashion, leading a small team of software developers. The website features deep social media integration, was built from scratch with Zend Framework and hosted on Amazon AWS. I was also in charge of system administration of Grabble's cluster of servers. I also built a framework for scraping product data from a broad range of websites. The core of this framework is written in JavaScript and runs on PhantomJS. I provided Grabble with consultancy services and took care of hiring new developers. Grabble is a successful, multi-awareded start-up and has recently raised £1.2m from high profile e- commerce investors.

Senior web developer

Fusepump 3 Years

Key technologies: PHP, JavaScript, Zend Framework, MongoDB, Redis, Amazon AWS. I joined FusePump as their very first developer, only a month after they had started up. The company grew rapidly and I left it 2 and a half years later with 50+ employees and a multi-million turnover. FusePump's CEO described my role as instrumental to the growth of the business. Clients included Argos,, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Nokia, Orange, SKY, Tesco, Thomas Cook, Thomson and Waitrose. FusePump was later bought by a NASDAQ-listed company. Responsibilities included architectural design (from scratch), development and maintainance of four core business products and the internal reporting platform. Encouraged scalable and reusable code development and led a team of junior to mid-level developers. 2+ million advert impressions and XML product feed downloads per month are generated by the software I wrote and my work on load balancing. Skills improved in creating distributed, stable, scalable and efficient web applications. FusePump generate and supply data feeds and adverts for a number of customers and affiliate marketing networks. Using Mongo and Redis on Amazon EC2, I have designed and built from scratch (with a small team I personally led) a tracking and reporting module for the core online advertising business of FusePump. My new module allows for real time reporting of high volume data. Data is stored in Mongo and aggregate data processed using Redis for real time reporting via an JSON-RPC web service implemented using the Zend Framework.

Web developer

ItGo 2 Years

Web developer

Creative Artworks12 months

Junior web developer

Cooperativa Sociale Ganimede12 months