Software engineer


Software engineer, developer and open source devotee with >30 years experience on Unix and Linux operating systems. Named on two patents. Perl user since 1997. Operated as contractor/consultant with my own limited company from 1994 to 2014. Expertise in programming with Perl, shell scripts, XML, JSON and SQL for development of database and networking applications, utilities for presentation/manipulation of dynamic information & report production; web sites and services; system admin and production of tools for monitoring, health checking and reporting. Experienced in installation, configuration, monitoring/administration of Linux operating system, web servers, MySQL/Postgres databases; building microservices with Docker and running them with Kubernetes; many third party/open source infrastructure products and tools. Wide industry experience: Internet, communications, software tools, defence, aviation, publishing, utilities. Key Technologies/Skills Linux, Debian, Perl, Bash shell, Postgres, MySQL, Apache, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Kubernetes, Software Engineering, Research & Development, System Administration, Networking, Testing and Test Automation, Monitoring.

Key Skills
  • Linux
  • Debian
  • Perl
  • Bash
  • Postgres
  • MySQL
  • Apache

Work Experience

Senior Developer

Smoothwall Ltd3.5 Years

Linux-based internet security and threat management systems. Developed secure tunnel software for remote system diagnosis over SSH channel; Worked on moving product codebase to new ‘Debianized’ model for distribution & update; Developed containerised build system running Git version control, Gerrit code review and Jenkins build server under Docker; Developing cloud-based ‘Management As A Service’ functions for remote system management with Nagios, Kubernetes, Google Cloud and Docker. Used Modern Perl, Bash Shell, Postgres DB, DockerFiles, ElasticSearch, JSON.

Senior Software Engineer

CPI Anthony Rowe2 Years

Working in small within multiple site book printing group. Developing and supporting systems for management of all stages of book and e-book production, manufacturing and distribution. Modern Perl (CGI::Application, HTML::Template, Test::More, Test::WWW::Mechanize), MySQL database, Ajax/HTML/CSS front end; extensive use of XML; Continuous Integration under Hudson/SVN.

Independent Consultant

The Software Shack Ltd2 Years

Operated as a freelancer with a co-worker providing contract services for various small business clients: system monitoring and admin/maintenance, bug tracking, issue management and operations support; software installation/ setup on Amazon EC2 cloud platform; development and admin using bash, Perl, MySQL, HTML, CSS; setting up automated testing with Selenium; prototype development of sites and services with Catalyst.

Contract Web Developer

Estee Lauder3 months

E-commerce dev: Perl, Template::Toolkit, Git version control, Jquery/CSS, responsive design.

Systems Developer and Administrator

Qonnectis Networks3 Years

Development/deployment of server software for a startup Internet-based communications company, and setup/management of internal systems. Designed & built systems to handle SMS messages sent by loggers collecting utility meter data around the world, storing it in an Oracle database, and presenting it on the Web. This work comprised design and development of the complete system architecture including communication protocols, database creation and web site construction, alarms and alerts, and data integration. I also established intranet support systems, internal infrastructure and tooling (bug tracking, wiki, version control). Ongoing system admin, monitoring (Nagios) and maintenance. Set up and configured servers running Apache CGI, Oracle database, and data distribution comms services. Systems written predominantly in Perl and Bash shell; Oracle SQL; template-generated HTML front-end. The overall system was patented and I am jointly named on Patent GB2382439.

Web Developer

News International4 months

Content generation and infrastructure tool development for online press site; HTML, Bash, Perl CGI scripting.

Courseware Developer

Integrated Chipware3 months

Produced an interactive demo/evaluation tool product evaluation suite written in HTML and JavaScript.

Requirements Coordinator, Trainer

GEC Marconi Astute Class12 months

Requirements management, database admin & user support; developing and delivering training and follow-up support to 70+ users. Developing processes/procedures for use of RTM toolset in large classified project across multiple contractors; Designing / implementing strategies for data interchange between prime and subcontractor sites. Developing utilities to monitor and manage the RTM requirements and acceptance database, particularly in the area of change management: Unix shell scripts, awk, sed, SQL. Assisting in the roll-out of RTM across multiple sites involving conversion from previous in-house tools.

Requirements Tool Developer

BT Labs12 months

Developed procedures, tools, browser interface to DOORS requirements management tool in a large telecoms programme: Doors 'DXL' scripting, VB Macros, Unix shell scripts, Perl, CGI, HTML. This work was presented at 1998 DOORS User Conference. I am named on BT's patent EP1159691.

International Consultant and Trainer

Integrated Chipware6 months

RTM tool installation, training, consultancy, tailoring, integration on client sites in UK, Europe, Asia, Israel, U.S.A. : shell scripts, SQL.

Requirements Administrator/Consultant, Trainer

IBM12 months

CASE tool and database integration, user & admin support, tech pubs, training: Oracle, Unix.

Tool Developer & System Administrator

GEC Marconi In Flight Systems12 months

CASE tool & database admin; requirements engineering : Oracle, Solaris.

Consultant & Trainer

arconi S ystems T echnology2 Years

CASE tool consultancy, integration, support and training on use of RTM Requirements Traceability Management tool set for internal and external customers: using Unix shell scripting tools (csh, lex, awk, sed etc.), Oracle SQL.

Management Assistance Programme

Dorset Business School12 months

Participated in programme developing wide range of business & management skills and applying them in a small local electronics company.

Software tool developer

Systematica2 Years

Developing modules for 'Virtual Software Factory', a programmer's workbench product using formal logic knowledge base tools to define design methods : used C, shell and custom languages.

Software Development Manager

Maxwell Communication Corporation2 Years

Led team designing and prototyping an Interactive Digital Manual, using Apple Macs and early OO languages (Hypertalk, Actor) to produce authoring and presentation systems for technical documents and manuals.

Software Engineer

Standard Telecommunication Labs7 Years

Produced tools for electronic circuit designers; System Architect with a pan-European team on an EEC R&D project; Responsible for admin/management of departmental VAX/VMS servers.

Software Engineer

EMI Medical3 Years

Development of image capture, processing and analysis programs; Coding in assembler, custom microcode, Fortran and BCPL.


British Airways2 Years

Assembler real time information systems for aviation