Devops Engineer


• Nearly 11 years of IT experience in Application development and Devops (Build, Config, Release management and System operations) in Banking and Insurance domains. • Currently working as Devops Engineer in Direct Line Group • Expertise in Unix/Linux Administration, AWS cloud hosting(EC2) using Packer and Terraform and hands on in CloudBees, Automated server provisioning and platform build using Ansible, Automated application build and deployment (CI and CD) using Jenkins, Maven, Serena Deployment Automation (SDA) and Sonatype Nexus repository configuration, Nagios tool for monitoring and alerting. • ITIL V2, V3 support including Incident, Problem, Change, Release, Configuration Management and Service Desk. • Experience in On-Site/Offshore Models including 2 years client side experience at BNY Mellon, USA • Good Logical, Analytical and Interpersonal skills, commitment to perform quality work, and an excellent team player. Key Technologies * Automation and Scripting : Bash, Perl, Ant, Maven, Ansible, Groovy * Continuous Integration : Jenkins, Hudson, Serena Deployment Automation & Continuous Delivery * Cloud Technologies : AWS and CloudBees * Alerting and Monitoring : Nagios, Tivoli * Programming Languages : C, C++, Java, HTML, Javascript * Application Server : Websphere and Tomcat * Source Control System : Subversion, Clearcase, Git, CA Enterprise Harvest 12 * Databases : Oracle and MySQL * Webservers : Apache, iPlanet , IIS * Operating Systems : Windows, RHEL * Protocols & Services : SMTP,POP/IMAP and HTTP/HTTPS * Tools : Crystal Reports 11, Service request, BMC Remedy User * Methodology and tools : ITIL and Agile * Applications : MS Visual Studio, Eclipse

Key Skills
  • Application development
  • Devops
  • Unix
  • Linux
  • AWS cloud hosting(

Work Experience

Devops Engineer

Direct Line Group 1.5 Years

• Revamp project of Direct Line Group both in User Experience and Business logic covering the digital upgrade of website using Cognifide CQ5 and replacing legacy Mainframe application with Guidewire insurance suites. • Setup and configure servers in CloudBees for Jenkins and SVN • Provision Guidewire suite (including BillingCenter, PolicyCenter, ClaimCenter and Contact Manager), ESB(Enterprise Service Bus) applications(Mulesoft), Salesforce CRM platforms using Ansible. • Build the ESB application using Maven tool • Deploy the applications using automated scripts(Shell, Perl, Ant and Groovy) • Upload the artifacts to Nexus which can be deployed to any number of environments irrespective of the location • Setup Jenkins and SVN in-house datacenter and sync the repositories between cloud and datacenter. • Migrate the codebase from PVCS and CSV repositories to SVN and redeploy the applications using Jenkins. • Provision the infrastructure for Busines Achitects to edit the Business contents • To reduce the datacenter hosting cost, introduced AWS cloud where End-to-End setup is done which includes VPC creation, subnets, instances, Security group, VPC Peering, These are automated using Packer and Terraform. • Provisioned application layer (like Guidewire Suite, Mulesoft) then deploy application code using automated scripts.

Devops Engineer

Devops Tool Migration6 months

• As part of continuous improvement to the deployment automation trained in Ansible and Serena Deployment Automation tools and worked on few mini projects parallel to my project activity. • Configure Jenkins job which will trigger server spin up ansible playbook to spin up the environment in AWS, (IaaS) • Trigger platform build playbook which will deploy necessary softwares like Guidewire, mulesoft, Java and other required items on top of the vanilla server(PaaS) • Trigger the application deployment playbook to deploy the application and notify the status as an email to the development team stating environment is ready for use for the day.(SaaS) • At the end of the day server will be decommissioned and the next day it will be created again with the latest code base developer checked-in.

Devops Engineer

UiPath12 months

Project description and responsibilities: • Automate the manual processing of an insurance component using robots (automated bots). • Provisioned Application server, Jenkins and SVN in AWS cloud. • Configured a Jenkins job will pick the processed UiPath XAML files from a SVN tag and get it deployed to the respective location using the deployment script which then picked up by Robots for further processing. • Configured Nagios tool for alerting and monitoring the system. Jenkins job is clever enough to deploy only the changed component in the server and skip the unchanged ones.

Configuration Manager

Direct Line Group 12 months

• SAS is a business intelligent tool used by DLG for insurance products. • eTrading package covers the trading data. Solvency package deployment involves the company’s solvency data. • To automate the deployment of package in SAS client from Jenkins using Shell, Batch and Ant scripts for various components. • Backup the files automatically using scripts. • Monitor the process in the server and trigger notification automatically.

Technical Lead

BNYM 12 months

• First project in Mobile platform for BNYMellon. Global Markets, Global Liquidity services, Treasury Edge, Workbench and Private Workbench are the leading shared services Line of Business, which are ported to Mobile Platform as an additional service to Web version for clients. • To setup the entire Line of business from frontend to backend in Mobile platform which includes JVM creation in Websphere Application server, Virtual host, database and other configurations in deployment manager console, build the code through Hudson and codebase in SVN. • Deploy the code using the autodeployment script which I have wrote and to cover the administration of the Openstream CueMe console(third party tool which BNYMellon capitalized to port applications in Mobile Platform) according to Line of Business requirements. • Periodically, enhancements will be released to DEV, DCAT and then to Production. All these environments are maintained up to date and the deployments will be performed at the given SLA. • Support Production incidents raised through BMC Remedy. • Log files are monitoring through shell scripts which are configured in Crontab.

Technical Leader

Autodeployment of Websphere 4 months

• Created a wrapper script in Perl that will list the Websphere applications and components to be deployed in the corresponding environment and it has the capability to bounce the servers. • Script is capable of displaying only the components that can be deployed in the particular environment. • It can also be used to change common property files between environments

Technical Lead

migration from UNIX to Linux9 months

• Provision Virtual Linux server, data storage configuration, security setup, Database migration. • Compile and migrate the applications sorting out the discrepancies and deploying them. • Support the project for smooth transition from dev to production.

Technical Lead

Automation3 months

• Automate the monitoring of different backend applications and Linux administration using Shell and Ant scripts. • Track and fix storage issues. • Document the changes and train the new team. • Automation has reduced the cost and time for production support team.

Technical Lead

Tools Migration (CVS, Pulse) 12 months

• Self initiated project to migrate the projects in different version control system to Subversion as per moving towards single tool concept and thereby reducing time and cost. • Configure and redeploy the applications using Hudson for smooth transition. • As a Technical Lead design and deploy the project from start to finish without any issues. • Provide Subversion and Hudson training to the development teams as part of the migration.

Senior Application developer

Enhanced DDA cash 3 months

• Deploy Java based component and execution of stored procedures, SQL using scripts. • Configure generic job which can handle multiple components and the environments. • Wrapper job will cover both code deployment and DB changes. • Incorporate the changes in Crystal reports to produce the updated reports. • Support for testing and to apply the same changes to other Line of Business.

Application Deployment and Release

Deutsche Bank3 months

• To upgrade the existing Select platform with rich webstyles and technologies so the same skeleton is shared by many clients and customization comes on top of it. • Build and deploy major Trading functionalities like Watchlist, User Profile and Balances summary using Hudson. • Configure the server startup using Tomcat. • Cover the release activities of this project in the controlled and production environment.