Operating systems: Linux: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu; Windows: 95, 98, XP, 7, 8, 10; Chrome OS Progr. languages, libraries and frameworks: OOP (advanced), PHP7/5/4 (advanced), MVC – Zend 1 (advanced), Doctrine / Propel ORM (good), Symfony 1 (good), Symfony 2 (good), CakePHP and Kohana (sufficient), Smarty (good), CMS MS (advanced), Joomla, Drupal (sufficient), JavaScript, AJAX (advanced), RegExp, XML, XPath, XSLT, WebServices, RESTful, WSDL, SOAP (good), Angular.js (in training), JQuery (advanced), Ext JS (sufficient), HTML i XHTML (advanced), CSS (advanced), SQL (advanced), Java (in training), Cucumber (good). IT systems: Relational database: MySQL (advanced), PostgreSQL (advanced), MS SQL (advanced), Oracle (good), MongoDB (in training); Composer (advanced), GIT (advanced), SVN (advanced); Stash (good), GitHub (good), Jira (good), Confluence (good), Redmine (good), TRAC (good), Basecamp (good). BDD - Behat, Mink, Selenium (good), TDD – PHPUnit, Mockery (good), Design Patterns (good), SOLID principles (good). AGILE, Sprints, SCRUM, Daily Stand-up meetings.

Key Skills
  • Linux
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • OOP
  • PHP7/5/4
  • MVC – Zend 1
  • DoctriCMS MSne

Work Experience


DXI Ltd12 months

Responsibilities: Backend Development of EasyContactNow Call Centre System using: PHP5/7, MySQL, Symfony2, DI, Composer, RESTful APIs, GIT, Stash, Jira, Confluence, Behat, Mink, Selenium, PHPUnit, Mockery. AGILE Sprints SCRUM.


Polsource Ltd2.5 Years

Responsibilities: Implementation of REST services and Web Backend of CRM ( ) written in PHP5, ZF1, jQuery, PostgresSQL for a huge CRM system for the iPads and iPhones as well as Android users. Functionalities: Events/Tasks handling; (Notices, Calendar, Attachments), Documents, Forecasting (Forecasted and actual deals, revenues calculation etc.), Products, Programs, System Settings, ACL, Authorization, Forgot Password etc.


Polsource Ltd2 Years

Responsibilities: Integration aftermarket products to existing system (using Web Services, DMS, TPA) for business partners to offer a product in financial sector (insurance and automotive mainly) in USA, Canada and Europe market. Technologies: PHP5, proprietary framework MVC, MySQL and PostgresSQL, jQuery, Prototype). Daily SCRUM with partners in USA in English.

Freelance Developer

Various1.5 Years

- W-Tech Co. Ltd. – system of recruiting staff implementation – PHP5, PostgreSQL, Symfony, Doctrine ORM - Someday Interactive ( – the game on Facebook implementation (fbml, iframe, Symfony 1.4.3, Doctrine 1.2, jquery, jquery.ui) - AutoCentrum.PL ( – automotive social network (PHP5, MySQL and jQuery) - ING Forum (, BOFHNet) – Zend and Doctrine ORM technology – modification - Wosana (, BOFHNet) – competitive photo exhibition with CFV (also MMS) – Symfony and Doctrine ORM technology – co-designer (1 of 2 PHP Developer) - Nasza Ekstraklasa (, Independents Inc) – portal based on CMS MS for fan of polish football - Streszczenia (, Netstel Software) – service based on CakePHP - E-shops (,, for – e-shops based on osCommerce – modify and extend the feel for individual client want.


Central European Consulting Co. Ltd7 months

Responsibilities included: co-designer (1 of 3 PHP Developer) pregnancy portal ( (PHP5, Zend Framework, ORM – Doctrine, MySQL, JavaScript – JQuery; create website with CMS Made Simple MLE, modify and extend the feel of CMS (,


YUMI / FINBET Invest Co. Ltd6 months

Responsibilities included: self-create portal in Zend Framework technology (PHP5, OOP, MVC), database PostgreSQL (MySQL as an alternative) also XHTML, CSS and JavaScript (Prototype, jQuery, Scriptaculous), AJAX technology. Moneybookers gates payments integration.


Enter IT1 month

Responsibilities included: co-designer (1 of 2 PHP Developer) proprietary CMS in Zend Framework technology, MySQL, jQuery and AJAX ( – menu wizard module using drag-and-drop script DHTML Goodies.


Girona Co. Ltd1 month

App Developer: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, MySQL, Oracle (