Senior UI Developer


I am versatile, inquisitive and highly motivated front-end developer. Over the past 8 years, I have been involved in developing various web applications. This experience has given me a very clear vision of the whole process of website development. I am focused on building modular, well organized structured css architecture based on the SMACSS/BEM methodologies. With regards to developing the front-end architecture, I firmly believe that a modular approach is the most efficient way of developing small or large applications. It’s easier to scale, manage and maintain. With regards to web design, I believe that simplicity is the best approach to achieve an appealing interface. Clean layout, choice of 2-3 colours, typography, white space & visually appealing artwork could make the design very effective. I can happily work as part of an engineering team or autonomously with the need of direction. Programming: Hand coding HTML5, CSS3/LESS, SASS, experience with jQuery, javascript, greenock animations Design/UX: Photoshop, Sketch Platforms: Experience working on MVC4, Symfony2 & Twig templating Frameworks: Bootstrap; Backbone and Angular js (working knowledge) Tools: Visual Studio 2015, Team Foundation Server – Sprints, Webstorm, SublimeText 3, Bitbucket, Source tree, JIRA, npm, Gulp, Grunt Environment: Agile

Key Skills
  • Programming
  • Design/UX
  • MVC4
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Visual Studio 2015

Work Experience

Senior UI Front-end Developer

Auction Technology Group12 months

Projects: The Saleroom, i-bidder, bidspotter uk & us All creative projects – HTML5, CSS3, Stylus, Jeet, Semantic UI, gulp, MVC4, themeing, app css structure, Agile / Kanban development approach, sprints, build/releases, web accessibility code reviews, supervising junior front-end developer; web performance; Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS), AHA – project management tool; Source Tree

UI/UX Front-end Developer

Auction Technology Group3 months

Projects: Live Auctions Application launched successfully in the UK All creative projects – HMTL5, CSS3, custom responsive grid, sketch, photohsop cc, wireframes, jquery, javascript

Digital Designer / Front-end Developer

InSkin Media10 months

Projects: Design and build appealing creative formats for various clients in the following verticals: FMCG, retail, automative, entertainment, technology, finance, travel and more industries These projects has given me the opportunity to liaise directly with ad-ops teams to discuss assets and campaigns execution. The formats are very intrusive with cross-browser support with main focus on javascript animations and visually appealing brand identities. Clients: Universal UK, Hollister, Starbucks, Honda HK, Swarovski UK / HK, Very, Garnier, Clinique, Vodafone, Supersavers, Starwood Luxury Hotels, Sheraton Hotel, OMS Deka Competentz Fireplace - Finance, Yellowglen, StoryLab Baby, Sunglass Hut, Telekom, Coty - Sally Hansen, Canon, Landmark, Sunlife Financial, SkyStore - Star Wars, Fiat, Lexus and more. All creative projects - HTML, CSS, greenock animations, jQuery, javascript

UI/UX Front-end Developer

Kaplan International2 months

Projects: Responsive application features, cross-browser fixes; Populating content with 8 languages on Kaplan’s new web application and build one main responsive email template with various modules from provided psd files. Kaplan International is a leading provider of English language courses, study abroad programs, and unforgettable experiences. I was very happy and lucky to have met the design/dev team at Kaplan and be involved in improving their recently built responsive application and building their first optimised responsive template for various markets. I have used Litmus as a tool which has provided a plethora of about 40 email clients to build and optimise the responsive emails. The new responsive application is based on Bootstrap and will be replicated in more than 40 languages throughout 2016. I have been involved in cross browser layout fixes and adding various modal forms based on Kaplan’s requirements. All Kaplan’s projects - Bootstrap framework - HTML5, CSS3, BootsrtapJS, Litmus, hand-coding responsive emails, Photoshop artwork export.

Front-end Developer

Palawan Group1.5 Years

Projects: Build responsive classified large application. Build company’s corporate website. Improve and launch visual interface of 22 multi-lingual classified-ads websites (team of 3), cross browser fixes and compatibility - inc IE8, and build promo pages for the marketing team. The role involved building a new responsive large application from psd mock ups. I was part of a dev team, working in agile environment and was the solo front-end developer for the Beta version of the responsive application - As the application grew, team has followed suit with Product Owner, AWS, back-end / full-stack developers. I have also initiated to build a responsive corporate website for the company - I have been involved in visual improvement of 22 classified ads websites and cross browser support including IE8. All projects - HTML5, CSS3/Less, Bootstrap3, css structure, npm, Twig tempting, Symfony2, planning of front-end modules structure, some Backbone.js views, Bitbucket, Jira, command-line.

Front-end Developer

Durable Digital6 months

Company: Durable Digital, London, UK Role: Front-end Developer Projects: HTML5 doctype, micro formats, SEO for development on The Ford Foundation application. HTML5 structure of building the new corporate Durable Digital website. Integration of templates into ASP.Net templating system; cross browser fixes. Building monthly e-mail templates for LVMH Luxury Brand - Nude Skin Care I was extremely lucky to be working along with the Front-end Director on the The Ford Foundation application which involved improving the HTML5 doctype with standard compliment and semantic code, implementing Twitter & OpenGraph micro formats. The modular css structure has given me the chance to delve deep into a process of how a large application can be modular, scalable and easy to maintain & manage by the dev team in the USA. Durable Digital’s corporate responsive website has given me a great experience in actually handcoding every single line of the application starting from html5, css3, micro formats, testing with social networks. Implementing the website into Wordpress has even given me more exposure to how tempting works and building the CMS modules. Tech stack - HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap3, Wordpress

Digital designer / Front-end Developer

ITE Group12 months

Projects: UI/UX Design and Build ITE Group’s Intranet. Re-design and build ITE Stand construction website. Improve UI on all IT’s events websites, cross browser fixes. ITE Group is one of the world’s leading organisers of international trade exhibitions and conferences. I was involved with major front-end improvements of the Group’s events websites and have initiated to re-design and re-build the Stand construction website as well to build ITE’s internal Intranet small application that could be of use to all the worldwide offices. All projects - HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Kentico CMS, Microsoft Visio

Web designer

WTG Events12 months

Role: Web designer Projects: UI improvement on all WTG’ events websites I was involved in visual improvement of the conference websites, including cross browser support. All projects - HTML5, CSS3, Dreamweaver, Photoshop

Web designer

Olympic Holidays3 Years

Projects: I have started off designing and building newsletters and have moved onto building microsites. First steps into web design was the diving and wedding websites of the company. I’ve tasked been tasked with improving the static web pages on the whole application, optimise the code, wherever needed as well as build and improve UI elements. All projects - HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop, Dreamweaver

Database executive

Balkan Holidays3 Years

Projects: Assist and help out flight operations team to load and amend flight seats and passengers’ details sent out to all airports All projects - Travel Agency CMS