Senior IT Management / Architect


Technical manager with 27 years’ experience in Information Technology providing excellence in architecture, implementation, service delivery and line management in fast moving enterprise environments. Experienced gained working for major blue chip organizations in Europe and Australia covering Banking, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Government Sectors. Key Skills Include • Managing technology lifecycle through green field architecture, blueprints, roadmaps, and implementation or migration strategies in an agile environment. • Motivational leadership, managing, hiring and training staff of different levels and cultures. • Managing and developing internal and external client relationships through requirements gathering for solution architecture and implementation governance. • Providing training or presenting technical information to technical and non-technical staff including C-level executives. • Experience of architecting large-scale highly available technology solutions and applications used to automate the processing of high volume data. • Experience of architecting cloud based distributed automation systems and the software used to interact and provision customer environments. • Assisting pre-sales engagements to architect solutions based on customer requirements. • Implementation of entire monitoring solutions to provide alerting, capacity planning and performance evaluation. • The ability to write scripts and aid in the development of new products using Linux shell, basic ruby, DOS scripting, basic Java, integration with RESTful API’s, web services (HTML, PHP) and DCL on OpenVMS whilst adhering to software delivery lifecycles. • In depth experience of operations development (DevOps) and automated server deployment using cloud API’s integrated with Linux shell.

Key Skills
  • Technology lifecycle
  • green field architecture
  • Managing
  • Motivational leadership
  • DevOps
  • Architecture

Work Experience

DevOps Architect

Dixons Carphone Warehouse 1.5 Years

Reporting directly to the chief architect of product development to be solely responsible for architecting and implementing a global operational monitoring, alerting and dashboard capability for Connected World Services. The operational monitoring and alerting capability has been delivered using Amazon Web Services EC2 infrastructure to support CWS implemented sales applications and platforms to a global consumer base in multiple cloud and on-premise environments. Key Accountabilities • Liaising with internal stakeholders to define, document and build a solution vision based on requirements. • Evaluation of business requirement based on existing technology to ensure any future architectural solutions is in keeping with roadmap and software development. • Evaluation of new technologies to ensure each selection is fit for purpose to ensure delivery of end state architecture. • Documenting and presenting component and infrastructure architectural proposals to the architectural governance and stakeholders. • Testing and documenting environment instantiation processes working closely with infrastructure services using automated software installation tools (Vagrant and wick). • Scripting server evaluation scripts to produce metric and logging data whilst driving best practice and storing code using a source code management solution (GIT). • Engaging with operational support teams to elicit feedback and drive additional requirements back into the architecture. • Providing input for project planning, attending project review sessions, daily standups and scrums adhering to agile working practice and prioritizing work accordingly in bi-weekly sprints. • Planning workflow, documenting and disseminating to junior team members using collaboration toolkits (Jira and Confluence). • Integrating existing technology stacks and existing mechanisms for application and infrastructure monitoring and reporting using multiple data sources (Java, NoSQL, AMQP, REST). • Presenting technology forums showcasing new technology and solutions. (Redis, RabbitMQ, Sensu, Uchiwa, Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Filebeat and Dashing). • Defining repeatable solutions in order to create dashboards in Kibana for each software tool created by CWS. • Extensive scripting of Logstash filters using Logstash plugins such as GROK, kv, mutate and multiline to ensure standard operating system and application log data processing in Elasticsearch and eventual visualization in Kibana or Dashing. • Full implementation of automated watcher processes in Elasticsearch using BASH and Elasticsearch REST API. • Scripting the automatic creation operational Dashing dashboards using BASH in line with initial requirements, training staff and presenting to senior management, internal stakeholders and peer groups.

Cloud Manager

Redwood Software UK 4 Years

Initially employed to be solely responsible for architecting, implementing, testing and supporting Redwood’s automation software as a service in the cloud using Amazon Web Services EC2 infrastructure. Eventually running a small operations team providing system management and web development for the cloud implementation and also bespoke on premise HA hardware provided by Stratus Technologies. Key Accountabilities • Developing a close relationship and keeping regular technical dialogue with product development, the Chief Technical Officer, Product Management and the Chief Executive Officer of Redwood to ensure requirements are always delivered in line with product roadmaps. • Working with Redwood’s CTO to architect the cloud based service from green field utilizing Ubuntu based AWS instances running PostgreSQL and multiple Java Virtual Machines which housed the Cronacle application software providing scalable and repeatable customer environments. • Maintaining version control of all configuration data and related software using subversion to ensure consistency across all cloud territories. • The implementation of an entire global cloud monitoring solution using Zabbix Server, Zabbix Proxy, Zabbix Java Gateway and Zabbix agent. • The development and implementation of autonomous disaster recovery solutions using synchronous PostgreSQL replication and shell scripts • Implementation and maintenance of all aspects of the EC2 cloud solution using AWS API tools and shell scripting. • Providing DevOps using shell scripts for the instantiation and configuration of all host components including postfix, nginx, PostgreSQL, JVM and Cronacle product specifics. • Provide career development initiatives and assessments on an ongoing basis for all members of the team.

Service Delivery Manager / Automation Architect

dunnhumby 6 Years

Initially employed as a Service Delivery Manager responsible for support teams covering Unix System Administration, Database Administration, Windows System Administration and Desktop Support. Later moving into the business to architect and implement the corporate automation solution supporting a global client base. Eventually moving back into the Information Technology group to lead a globally dispersed team developing and supporting the automation stack. Key Accountabilities • Designing the architecture, producing roadmaps and blueprinting the technology stack that the automation layer at dunnhumby is comprised and used for large volume data processing. • Reducing time to market by designing a highly available repeatable solution to assist global expansion for a heterogeneous client base. • Vastly reducing total cost of ownership by reengineering the automation solution using software partitioning and migrating from physical linux HP BL servers and Oracle 10G RAC to VMware hosts running Linux and Oracle XE. • Providing consultancy, design and documentation of automation processes for all data solution applications based on solution requirements provided by teams such as Data Analysis, Enterprise Architecture or Product Development. • Providing consultancy in all areas of disaster recovery and data security for the automation architecture including the development of autonomous invocation and recovery applications. • Responsible for developing well-structured and tested code to satisfy a given brief whilst adhering to the current Standard Operating Procedures and dunnhumby’s Data Privacy policy. • Providing motivational leadership, managing, hiring, training and creating career development initiatives with periodic assessments for staff of different levels and cultures. • Liaising with internal and external stakeholders to define, document and ensure adherence to Service Level Agreements.

Software Engineer

Total Gas and Power Limited 2 Years

Responsible for the maintenance and system management of the Unix infrastructure at the Total Gas and Power office in Redhill. The principle technology being that of HP Alpha systems running Tru64 Unix. Primarily working as a member of the infrastructure project team but also administering and supporting Unix services. Platforms: Various HP Alpha systems running HP Tru64 Unix version 4 and 5 (DS10, DS20, 800, ES45). Sun Sparc running Solaris 8, Dell Poweredge running Red hat Linux Enterprise and Advanced Server.

Service Delivery Manager

Phoenix IT Services 3 months

Responsible for the implementation of support services relating to Tru64 Unix, VMS and Solaris. Creating a new team in a large existing support department to enable the support and facilities management for technologies that had not been supported previously. Working with legal teams to define and document service level agreements internally and externally. Producing technical documentation to support all aspects of service delivery and recruiting new team members.

Technical Consultant / Architect

SchlumbergerSema 2 Years

Responsible for the qualification and product take-on on a set of Telecommunications products known as the Messaging Product Set. Specifically concentrating on resilient and non-resilient platforms running HP Tru64 Unix and HP TruCluster Available Server. Later moved into the Architecture team responsible for the design of clustered Short Message System using Sun Microsystems technology working to customer requirements. The position also involved supply chain management working with vendors to test and qualify designs at different staging ranges. Technical documentation was produced for engineers to use as implementation plans at customer sites. Platforms: Various Sun Microsystems running Solaris 8 (V280R, V480R, V880, 12k, 15k and 6800. Various HP Alpha systems running HP Tru64 Unix and OpenVMS (DS10, ES40, ES45).

Systems Manager

Department of Education and Training 2 Years

As a member of a team providing systems support and management for all administrative Vax and Alpha systems across New South Wales. Each Institute supported and corporate systems in-house consisted of either mixed or non-mixed architecture clusters running OpenVMS or Windows NT Server. Platforms: Vax 4000, 4100, 4300, 4500, 4600, 4700, 7640, 7730, Alpha 1000, 2100, 4100, 8400. Running either OpenVMS V7.1 or Windows NT Server 4.

Shift Manager

Digital Equipment Corporation 12 months

As a member of a team performing facilities management for Optus Telecommunications on behalf of Digital onsite at the Optus Technical Center in Sydney. Platforms: Vax 7000, 6000, Microvax 5500, DECsystem 5000, Alpha 8200, 8400, 2100, 3000, Silicon Graphics DM series, HP 9000, HP series 700 / OpenVMS, Digital OSF1, HP-UX, Ultrix.

Operations Analyst

Apple Computer B.V12 months

Managing a 24x7 shift in the European Data Center for the European manufacturing and distribution of Apple Macintosh computers. Platforms: Vax 7000, 8000, Microvax, Eurologic Raid, AS400, Tandem, Various Apple platforms (Quadra,FX,LC) / OpenVMS, Pathworks, Unix (Mac), System 7.5, TACL.

Technical Analyst

Amerada Hess Limited 12 months

Managing central Vax, Unix and PC services for geologists, rigs and administrative services in London and Aberdeen. Platforms: Vax 7000, Storage Works, Microvax, VAX/Alpha, Integraph, Sun, HP, RS6000, PC / OpenVMS, Integraph Clix, Sunos, Solaris 2, HP-UX, Pathworks, UCX, DOS

Senior Systems Operator

Banque Paribas 12 months

Managing and maintaining a range of VMS, AS400 and PC systems running a wide range of applications critical to the banks global trading functions. Platforms: Vax 7000, 8000, Vaxstation, Microvax, AS400, PC / OpenVMS and DOS.

Senior Systems Operator

Credit Suisse Financial Products 2 Years

Managing and maintaining a range of VMS, UNIX and PC systems running a wide range of applications critical to the banks global trading functions. Platforms: Vax 7000, Vaxstation, Microvax, Sun SPARC, PC / VMS, Sunos 2 and DOS.

Senior Systems Operator

The London International Financial Futures Exchange2 Years

Managing and maintaining a range of VMS systems running the exchange’s trading and registration systems. Full trading floor support on all aspects of Information Technology from price reporting displays to traders kiosks. Platforms: Vax 7000, Vaxstation, PC, Racal, Dictaphone, Microphone, Audio/Visual hardware / VMS, DOS and many in-house applications.

Systems Operator

J. P. Morgan 2 months

Working shift as part of the operations team ensuring all batch processing is submitted, monitored and completed successfully providing all aspects of the bank trading systems are ready for daily use by trading staff. Platforms: Vax 6650, 8800, Microvax, Vaxstation, IBM 30 series, PC, HP 1000 and 3000, Tandem, Wang / VMS, MVS, DOS, WangVS