Senior SEO Analyst

East Sussex

I'm a 33 year old website developer with a passion for SEO and security. An autodidact with around 16 years experience programming a range of languages. Previous provider of website hosting services. My varied but technical skill set allows for flexibility when working on projects.

Key Skills
  • SEO
  • Security
  • Analysis
  • SEO Audit
  • Damage mitigation
  • PHP

Work Experience

Senior SEO Analyst

iCrossing3 months

My role at iCrossing, although very brief, quickly grew to include meetings with world leading brands in London and helping the natural search team with technical SEO best practices and implementation. As a senior SEO analyst I was tasked with reviewing client SEO plans, designing campaign plans to provide return on investment, and achieving key performance indicators. Unfortunately, I had to leave my position at iCrossing to report Barclays bank for criminal negligence; breach of PCI DSS compliance. Responsibilities: • SEO account management / client liaison • Technical SEO audits • Information security advisories / damage mitigation • Basic training of natural search team members

SEO Engineer / PHP Developer

Judd Associates12 months

My recent employment by Judd Associates was a refreshing return to the web development agency lifestyle, after a year out of society living in the Runnymede eco-village. I was initially employed as an SEO engineer which quickly grew into being the lead PHP developer. The company is fairly small but has around 20 years experience, with a focus more towards design. My role was around as much SEO as development. Responsibilities: • SEO account management • Content creation and link/citation building • On site / off site audits • Basic training of a staff member new to SEO

Area Manager

Heath & Wiltshire 8 months

I was employed by Heath & Wiltshire as an area manager with a client list of around 65 branches and 45 staff members. Clients ranged from national builders merchants, such as Travis Perkins, to the private residence of the David Zwirner art gallery in Mayfair and The Shard. Responsibilities: • Client liaison • Managing staff members (annual leave, training, etc) • Site inspections • Stock ordering, collection and delivery

SEO Engineer

RocketMill 2 Years

Originally employed by RocketMill as a website designer, I was quickly poached to the SEO department (Search Engine Optimization) as the sales team won more contracts. The job involved a variety of website design, development and marketing techniques to deliver successful projects. Responsibilities: • Website marketing (link building, SEO, social media, outreach) • Project management and monthly reporting • Website design and development • Content for the company blog

Freelance Developer

Abeon Tech 2 Years

I ran a hosting service,, for several years which served as a base for my freelance website development and design work. Responsibilities: • Hosting environment maintenance (LAMP) • Customer support queries • Website design and development

Graphic Designer

Stocksigns 12 months

Stocksigns are the UK's largest providers of safety signs. My job as a graphic designer was focused around vinyl design and application alongside banner making but also included several other aspects of the graphic design process. Responsibilities: • Designing signs, logos and marketing material • Vinyl application • Digital printing • Technical support